ZTE A3v will be listed on the Google Play Console, it is an affordable, Android-10 phone for Verizon


ZTE Blade A3v has been released on the Google Play Console, and the model name is Z5157V. It is a very simple device, quite similar to that of the Sheet of A3, a Prime will be launched on Yahoo and Mobile, and display, earlier this month, for only $99. These are the two Verizon-based MVNO network, by the way, and that is the “v” in the name of the model suggests that the new device is likely to be at the end of the carrier as well.

The phone runs on Android to 10 on a MediaTek Helio A 22, a chipset quad – core Cortex-A53 CPU at 2.0 GHz, and a PowerVR GE8300 GPU (660 MHz). It is associated with a 2 GB of RAM, not to say a word about it in the store.

The screen has a 720 x 1,440 px resolution and has a pixel density of around 320 dpi resolution (ANY of the reports of the rounded-off values). This suggests that the screen will be around 5” in size, this is not surprising, as the Sheet of A3 (by 2019) has a 5.0 inch screen, while the A3 is a Prime, it is “greater than”, with a 5.45 inch screen.

The price of ZTE Blade A3v certified by both the FCC and the Bluetooth SIG in May, so it’s just waiting for an opportune time to start. Don’t expect a flashy event, though, probably, it is calm to see in the stores, and (again, most likely Verizon or any of the affiliate networks.



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