Zoom, to provide a stronger encryption is only for paid accounts


The popular video-calling app is the Zoom on it is to add stronger encryption to be a paid customer to a video call. However, new reports suggest that the improved security does not come for all the bills. The video-calling app, has a lot of different cases, group video calling will be compromised, and that attackers have the ability to do things, from the cause of the innocent, problems for the streaming of pornography. Also, Read the Zoom would users will the updated version for the 30th of May

Now, a new report from the – Reuters it says that it is not clear whether the total number of accounts, including non-for-profit users are eligible for a more secure conversation. “Approach to the approach of the end-to-end encryption, it is very much a work in progress – everything from the design, cryptographic design, which has just been published in the previous week, according to ongoing discussions about which customers should be considered,” said a spokesman, according to a report from the The Edge. You can also read Google’s video-conferencing app, crosses 50 million downloads on Google Play Store

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Due to the corona virus pandemic, which has led to the fact that the majority of people in the privacy of their home, a video-calling applications that will see some major growth. One of the biggest players in the Bass. However, the app’s security, it is always a huge demand because of the break-ins, and often referred to as “Zoombombings”. Also, Read the Hackers are using Google to Meet-and-Zoom to target users: Here’s how

Why the Zoom can’t be the encoding of a video call

Again, the end-to-end encryption is to be provided to customers who call in with their phone lines would be eliminated. In addition, the encryption of each call, it would nullify the ability to Zoom, their own security team, and add yourself to a call in order to assist customers in need of help.

The new update is for both the PC and the phone app that came out a few days ago, and the Hem is asking its users to do the update with a full report of the 30th of May. As of yesterday, the old version of the app is no longer functional for video calls, since it’s 256-bit encryption is used.

“At the start of the May 30, 2020, The Zoom and enable the GCM-based encryption across the entire Zoom platform, to provide added protection to reach the end of the data,” he said, the company has not too long ago. The app was previously offered in a 128-bit encryption. This is the layer that is considered to be less secure than the new 256-bit version.


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