Zoom to acquire in-Keybase-add, end-to-end encryption


Video-conferencing platform, the Zoom has just announced the acquisition of file-sharing and messaging service for Keybase. The company has revealed that it is a part of the 90-day pledge to solve the privacy and security of the platform. The acquisition is aimed at building an end-to-end encryption system on the Zoom to get a better level of protection of the platform. The company has not shared the financial details of the acquisition. Chief executive officer, the Eric’s, the Yuan, also issued a statement in relation to the purchase of the company’s business. Let’s check out the details in the statement with regard to the recent Zoom and acquire here. You can also read on How to use your smartphone camera’s live video call instead of webcam

Zoom purchase Keybase; for details, see

If as a part of the disclosureYuan added, “Keybase brings to the deep, encryption and security expertise in one-to-Zoom.” He said to Max Krohn, Keybase is a co-founder and developer, along with his team of the company. The acquisition will “significantly” in advance of the 90-day plan of action to strengthen the security of the platform. Talking about Keybase, the company offers you a secured messaging and file-sharing services to its users, with a “deep security” and other security features. The company has also issued a statement, as part of the acquisition announcement. Keybase added that it “is very pleased to be able to join the Team, Zoom!”. “It is an honor to be with the “encryption capability to a platform that is used by hundreds of millions of participants in a single day.” Also, Read Zoom, gives you about 300 million daily active users to claim the correct ‘feature’

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Max Krohn, will cause the Hem’s security engineering team and will report directly to the Policy. The Yuan is not in all its details, with regard to the future of the Keybase products. This is a new announcement in the weeks after the company released its latest 5.0 update, it’s a platform for apps. As part of this new version of the video-conferencing company, also added support for encryption using the AES-GCM 256-bit keys. Also read – how to use the Zoom video-conferencing, and virtual meetings

The company also confirmed that it is currently encrypting all of the content that flows among the mobile apps. However, the problem with this is that the Zoom of the servers to generate all encryption keys. This means that the current solution does not support end-to-end encryption. The company has an innovative solution to address the current situation.


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