Zoom launches new all-in-one videoconferencing solution is for $599


Zoom has established itself as the undisputed leader in the video conferencing market. The locking mechanism of the all over the world, it is to be a catalyst for her to ask. But the people on the video, the meetings have been complaining about it for the hardware’s shortcomings for a high-quality call support. So, it’s not really a surprise, then, that the Zoom has worked a solution for this problem. Also Read – Airtel partners with Verizon to bring the BlueJeans to India

The company has come up with an all-in-one videoconferencing solution, referred to as the Zoom-to-Home – DTEN to ME. It consists of a 27-inch 1080p display, which comes pre-installed with the Zoom software, and packs with multiple cameras and microphones to facilitate a high-quality video-calling experience. It will have a price tag of $599 (Rs 44,900 approx) and will be available in the US for the time being. Also Read – Indian-Army-wants the staff to remove 89 apps, including PUBG, Instagram, Zoom,

BGR Explains: “Sameer Raje, Head of the India – Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is a software solution service provider, so it’s understandable that it needed to partner with a hardware company. And, as it turns out, DTEN turned out to be ideal for health-conscious solution. Display the solution packs, with three wide-angle cameras, multi-touch support is provided by an 8-in microphones, and you can use it as a whiteboard. The device supports Wi-Fi, and it comes with a HDMI and an Ethernet port. Also, Read – Zoom-releases-statement-after JioMeet operate agreements

It is obvious that a solution such as this one, the Zoom is on the lookout for the best trends in the market. That being said, would anyone be willing to spend more than 40K for a solution that is purely focused on video-call? After all, you’ve got smartphones, laptops, and even tablets that are more than equipped to handle these tasks. So, we don’t know of anyone who feels the need to take a 360-degree, video-calling solutions that do not cost a lot. For his part, in order to Zoom in, it would be in the hope that it will enterprise customers realize the benefit of getting to a solution like this.

The Zoom has a new rival in India

Back in India, Airtel has partnered with Verizon to get the BlueJeans video calling platform in the country. This is the same company that Verizon purchased for $500 million earlier this year. Airtel BlueJeans, it will have to compete with the JioMeet, Zoom, and Google will Meet with, among others, in India. However, in contrast to the others mentioned here, Airtel is purely focused on the BlueJeans, as an enterprise product. It will be available free of charge for the first three months of signing up for the service. Airtel also confirms that the message of the free period, users will be taken into account.


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