YouTube to add going to a reminder function on a mobile app


The popular video streaming platform, YouTube is rolling out a new software update this week, and it has a new feature for its users. The name of the function, it is going to memory, it will be available for both Android and iOS users, all in a matter of days. Also, Read the YouTube quietly removed the HD badge is that of 720p video playback and is the default

This new feature is part of YouTube’s wellness and the tools. With this feature, the users of the platform may be limited to viewing and setting the time “and”time to get you to stop watching videos and go to bed.” Also, Read the YouTube was down for some time, and it’s ok if you didn’t notice

Also, The YouTube call “You can set the start and end times of your Settings, such as whether or not you want the instructions on how to pause a video, or to wait until the movie is over. You will also be able to dismiss or snooze the reminder.” Also, Read the YouTube: Here’s how to enable dark mode on the Android app and the website

The majority of the people are sitting down, because of the pandemic, YouTube, feels the need for them to have control over their use to a minimum. YouTube says it has sent about 3 billion “take a break” reminders of the past two years. The digital well-being is an important part of Android, and it’s clear that Google will push it into all of their products.

A few days later, the platform had been rolled out a new change to 720p, it was no longer recognized as a DRIVE). This has led to a debate among netizens, who are now questioning the meaning of high definition. For the record, the 720p quality is still generally regarded as a quality of the fuel. In markets with limited data and slow the speed of it, the ideal resolution is 720p. During the pandemic, and the locking mechanism of each of these platforms has been upgraded to 480p as the default streaming quality.

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In the world of video, the video content is streamed at 360p or 480p is defined as a ‘standard definition’. When you make the move to 720p or higher, and the quality of the content, which is described as ‘high definition.’ You can also watch it on YouTube on a web browser, such as Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s side to make this change.


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