YouTube is working on a TikTok-like feature on Android


YouTube is working on a TikTok-like function, which is to be tested on a mobile app. The streaming giant is offering the feature to both Android and iOS users, who have a 15-second video clips and upload it on their profiles. TikTok, and its small size, it is to be a big hit with users all over the world. YouTube wants to make use of similar functionality to the mobile app. Also Read – TikTok rival Mitron app is the 1 crore downloads in about 2 months

The company is reportedly testing a short video clip of an option with a limited number of users. And this is to be expected, after all the tests have been completed, the feature will be rolling out to everyone later this year. We’ve already had quite a lot of platforms, copy the TikTok format it, and use it to build their own network of users. But YouTube’s entry into the space is changing and the market, giving more visibility to a brand on a mobile device. Also Read – TikTok-age ByteDance to be close to Vigo Video, in India, through October 31,

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YouTube users will be able to upload the video from the mobile app, the mozy mobile app on all the supported platforms. They can also view the recording of the video separately and upload it as the video’s duration is 15 seconds. That being said, we still don’t know when you can use a filter to add a theme, add background music to add more effect. We’ll have to wait for a while before we get to know more about how the feature works, on YouTube. Also, Read about How you’ve been Premium for 6-month subscription for free

TikTok of ByteDance it has gained billions of users all over the world in a very short period of time. But relations with China is a concern, increasing security, and data privacy. This has catapulted the need for an alternative apps that have similar functions, such as India, application is called a Mitron.

YouTube gets to bed time memories

YouTube is rolling out a new software update this week, and it has a new feature for its users. The name of the function, it is going to memory, it will be available for all Android and iOS users. This new feature is part of YouTube’s wellness and the tools. With this feature, the users of the platform may be limited to viewing and setting the time “and”time to get you to stop watching videos and go to bed.”


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