YouTube-bring back the 1080p streaming option in India All you need to know


YouTube has the 1080p streaming option for the Indian market. Earlier this year, the company released support for the 1080p option, and the user would only be able to watch the videos at 480p resolution. Now, YouTube has brought back the feature, but there’s a catch. Both iOS and Android, users will now be able to switch between 1080p and 480p. However, this is only possible if your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi access is available.

Therefore, the quality of the streaming is limited to 480p if you use a lot of your mobile data and not Wi-Fi. The update comes in the form of a server, a switch, and that is why you should not have to be an update to the YouTube app. For those who have a Wi-Fi connection in their homes and would be happy to have you after hearing the news. Users who want a large screen device, it would be the difference between 480p and 1080p, especially on a gaming video.

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In the event you don’t know the reason behind it is to limit the streaming quality of the video, it was the sudden increase in traffic. This is what happened in the month of March, when the corona virus outbreak started making headlines. In the news, on YouTube, is back with the release of the 1080p streaming option in India, it was first reported on by XDA. By the way, YouTube is working on a TikTok-like function, which is to be tested on a mobile app.

The streaming giant is offering the feature to both Android and iOS users, who have a 15-second video clips and upload it on their profiles. The company is reportedly testing a short video clip of an option with a limited set of users, as of now. And it is to be expected that after all the tests have been completed, the feature will be rolling out to everyone later this year. We’ve already had quite a lot of platforms, copy the TikTok format it, and use it to build their own network of users. But YouTube’s entry into the space is changing and the market, giving more visibility to a brand on a mobile device.


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