You’ll be able to get the Google Duo and group video calls on the web


Back in March, Google increased the group video call and limit, to a Duo of eight to 12 people, at the same time, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the Internet search giant has announced that it will allow the Duo to users, group calls, on the web starting up as an example on the Chrome browser.

The support of a group chat on, Chrome will be rolling out in the next few weeks, along with a new layout that will will let you see more and more people at the same time. By the way, and inviting people to be part of a group conversation is also easier with an invite link.

In addition, Google announced a new Family of Modes, which allows you to doodle on the screen in real-time, as well as to apply the masks and the effects on you. It will also hide the mute and end call buttons on the screen to prevent accidental touches while in a video call, but you will need to log in to Duo using your Google account, in order to be able to make use of the ” Family Fashion.

You'll be able to get the Google Duo, group video calls, on the web site

The masks and effects that are part of the Family, the Mode will be available for one-on-one and group video calls to both Android and iOS users. They will roll-out starting this week with a mother’s day effect.

You'll be able to get the Google Duo, group video calls, on the web site



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