Yes, you will have to introduce 125W, quick to load, on the 15th of July


Yes, it is the introduction of high-speed charging technology in the past couple of years, and has been the leader in the race for the most watts have a phone, you may not have to fry your motherboard.

At the moment the highest interest rate for a phone to charge, it is 65, but the company is preparing to introduce a technology on the 15th of July that will enable up to 125W super-charging, flash – no, that’s not a typo – one hundred and twenty-one watts of output power, the loading of the battery pack.

We expect the Oppo to be pushing out a press release to all media technologies, on Wednesday, and even the possession of a neat little demo stations for some of the members of the media in China. We are curious to find out what is the nature of the current it solution, you will have to do, and we hope that the company will have more clarity about the internal architecture, cooling, and, of course, is when we’ll see it in commercial devices.

Yes, it is to be at the forefront of the fast-charging market, and for the past couple of years. It was one of the first companies with a 30 fast charging, which can now be found even in the mid-range Realme of phones, it was also the first to enter a 50 WATT SuperVOOC back in June 2018, with the Oppo Find X to start.

And let’s not forget, it was also ahead of everyone else with the 65 SuperVOOC 2.0, which will be provided to Find the X2 devices are available all over the world.

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