Yes, India is finally showing its ColorOS to 7 plan


Chinese smartphone maker Oppo have just unveiled the plan for implementation of the latest ColorOS 7 operating system. The company has reported comprehensive two-phase plan for the price of the update to its devices in the Indian market. It is also worth noting that the company has already rolled out the Android 10, on the basis of the OS is to upgrade to a multi-device world. These include the Oppo Find X-series, to the Reno line-up, the R17 series, and the F-11 series. Out of this, Yes, Q3, and A9 will have the to upgrade. However, this is a new implementation of the shared information in relation to the rest of the system. Let’s check out the details on the new Oppo ColorOS 7 implementation is here. Also Read – Yes, you, Reno, nevada, 4 in the leaked render is revealed, a 5G-capable competitor to OnePlus, Z

Yes, it brings a new ColorOS 7 implementation programme; details of

As part of the announcement, Oppo has revealed that it is the transmission of the upgrade to select devices, since the end of April. However, in this new timeline, it will expand the ColorOS is 7 out of a total of 23 Yes, smartphones and tablets. The company has shared the details of the two phases of the plan, including the estimated time line. For some context, the company has initially announced that the Android 10, on the basis of an update in November, 2019 at the latest. It was also pointed out that ColorOS is 7, was the first to promote the integration of the Digilocker through the DocVault function. Besides this, the company has also added a custom wallpaper for the Indian users. Also Read – Yes, the Reno, the 4 hands-on pictures, posters, specs leak; Snapdragon 765G, 48MP camera, and more

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Manoj Kumar is a Senior Principal Engineer in the Color OS on the Oppo India has also issued a statement, as part of the announcement. Kumar added, “and The ColorOS team to meet the strict standards of quality, and takes feedback from users very seriously. The official version is rolled out, we will evaluate the error and the feedback of more than 92,000 testers worldwide, and thousands of review of the trial version of it.” Also Read Oppo ColorOS 7 roll-out in April, Check the list of compatible phones

Yes, India will be rolling out the upgrade to F9, F9,, Pro, the F7 key the F7 key, 128G, A5, 2020, and the A9 motorway by the year 2020. These devices will receive the update in June as part of Phase 1. After this, the company will celebrate the release of the update of the F15 and R15 Pro in June and is in Phase 2. The rest of the devices that have already received the update.

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