Yes, A92s on the world stage as a Reno4 Z 5G


A new Oppo midranger has been certified by the Global Certification Forum, part of the global name Reno4 Z 5G. The model is CPH2065, revealing the very same device has already received approval by the Bluetooth SIG and Federal Communications Commission.

According to previous leaks, the CPH2065 the phone has the same specifications as the Oppo A92s to 5G, which means that it would be able to escape from China under a new guise.

Yes, Reno4 Z-5G certification

Even if has been renamed, the phone has to be in the same Dimensity 800-powered phone with a 6.57-inch LCD on the front panel. On the back, there will be four cameras are aligned on a square setup, with an outstanding design solution that will focus on the main + an ultra-wide-angle snapper.

As for the name, Yes, Reno4 Z 5G has a “5G” in the GCF it says nothing at all about any links – this is a list of 2G GSM, 3G UMTS and 4G LTE networks as well. Even if the phone was to start with the 5 G potential, it may not work in some of the countries that are still developing, and deploying their next generation network.

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