Xiaomi to work on the two Redmi phones will be more affordable than the 10X 4G


Xiaomi is working on two Redmi phones, which is less expensive than CNY 1,000 for Redmi 10X 4G reports Digital, Chat, Drive. One of them is the recently announced Redmi 9?

That seems to be the case if the two devices have reportedly been using the MediaTek Helio G8x chipsets (MT6969T and MT6769V/CT). 10X 4G will have a G85, and the Redmi is 9 and has a G80, so we’re in the right ballpark. Depending on the specific features, let’s have a look at the Redmi is 9 and a Redmi 9A (a model that does not officially exist yet).

The Redmi is 9 has still not made an appearance on Xiaomi’s official site in China, even after its European debut. Of course, the Redmi 10X the duo is selling well, so you might want to have some breathing space for the unveiling of two of the more affordable models.

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