Xiaomi to 100W soon to get the tech next month


We’ve been hearing rumors about Xiaomi’s 100W led fast charging tech for months now, and back in February, one of the company execs spoke openly about the challenges faced by our R&D team, and has to be overcome in order for this to work. Well, according to a well-respected tipster, Xiaomi may have found a way. In fact, all the necessary components are already in mass production.

The hardware that is necessary for Xiaomi’s 100F quick load, which may be referred to as the Super Charge, Turbo, has entered into mass production at the Foxconn factory last month, and if all goes to plan, Xiaomi will be introducing the new tech starts at the beginning of the next month.

The so-called “Digital” Chat Station” on Weibo and has even teased that Xiaomi is working on an absurd high-speed wireless charging as well. However, there are no details on exactly what it means, and if the two engineers are to be carried out in one of the Xiaomi is the future of smartphones and tablets, the company will make the announcement of the technology itself.

Source (in Chinese)


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