Xiaomi Redmi K20, and the other four phones will get MIUI 12 the stable and beta update


Xiaomi, for the first time been launched in the last SEVERAL 12 the the custom skin from China, and then revealed to be the successor of the SEVERAL 11 in the world. At that time, the Chinese company has also revealed the names of the first phones to have the update. Xiaomi has kept its promise and rolled out within the SEVERAL to 12, stable and beta firmware for the 9-Mi, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi K20, and the K20 Pro.

In fact, this is the last phase before the update starts seeding to the devices. This also means that Xiaomi will soon start the roll-out of SEVERAL 12 to the stable and beta update for the following phones such as the Redmi Note is 7, The Redmi Note, 7 Pro, Redmi Note, 8. This includes the Redmi Note, the 7S, Redmi Note, 9, Poco, F1, Poco, F2, Pro and Poco X2.

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Note, however, that the use of the above Xiaomi phones, and will be required to register through the Mi Pilot program. The details of this can be found on the company’s the forum. Here, we are talking about the first set of phones. XDA it reported that SEVERAL global beta program, and instead, Xiaomi has started the recruitment of volunteers from the Mi Pilot, the initiative.

In case you’re wondering, Xiaomi has a unique MIUI build is called Beta. However, the beta of this update isn’t safe in order to download, you may see unexpected errors that might cause damage to the device. If you are planning to download the update, then you need to have a back-up copy of your phone data before updating. By the way, the third set of phones, and that it will be SEVERAL 12-beta update for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Note 3, and a maximum of 3, and a MIX of the 2.

The list also includes a Redmi Y2, Y3, S (2), Note 5 and Note 5 To the Pro, Redmi A, 6, 6, Pro, 6, Notes 6, Pro, 7, and 7A. It concludes with the Redmi Note 8, Note that 8T, Redmi is 8, 8A, 8A, Duplicate, Note, 9, Note 9 Of the Pro and Note 9 To the Pro Max, and the Mi Note, Is 10 Lite. It is also worth noting that the Mi 6, not the new one.

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