Xiaomi Mi TV Stick runs on the Android SCREEN spotted online


Xiaomi has entered the TV streaming is in conflict with the TV Stick, the device is very fast. This device will compete with the likes of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, but will run on the Android TV software. The device has been spotted online recently, is that it suggests that the launch is not too far away. The Mi-TV-Stick-is basically a mini-computer, which is connected to the TV via the HDMI port, and converts them into a “smart TV”. It is run and the Mi logo at the top, and the rest of the unit is black in color. Also Read Xiaomi Mi Box 4K-at-Rs 1,000 off the deal for the Mi-TV’s 4: 55 in to Check to provide

The Mi TV Stick is listed at $80 (Rs 8,000 approximately), about herehowever, it is likely to cost a lot less than that. For the Mi Key will be to make use of the Android for A 9 Pie, a version of the platform, and to use the power of a quad-core processor, which will be paired with 2GB of RAM. All of the apps that are installed on the machine, there is the 8GB of storage is assigned to them. It runs on the Android SCREEN, it means that the device will provide voice control and support at Google, Assistant. Also Read Xiaomi Mi Box 4K-now available for purchase: Price in India, features

Xiaomi has yet to share more details on this device, but it will hardly come as a surprise to see them at the start. Recently, the company announced the Mi TV Box can be used in the Indian market, priced at Rs 3,499. The device is equipped with a USB port for connecting to an external device. It also supports Bluetooth 4.2 connect using wireless headphones. Also Read Xiaomi Mi Box 4K stream machine vs Amazon Fire TV Stick with 4K, What is the best option ?

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The Mi Box 4K, it has a 64-bit quad-core processor and a Mali-450 GPU, backed by 2GB of RAM, and 8 gb of flash storage. It supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5 ghz Wi-Fi bands, and off-line playback of video as well. This allows you to play 4K Ultra HD video playback at 60 fps for the best image quality and smoothest video playback. The flash drive comes with a built-in Chromecast, which allows users to launch 4K Ultra HD on a mobile, tablet or laptop.


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