Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review



Here’s a mouthful – the Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic is an economical version of the e True with Wireless Earpiece 2 was announced earlier this year. The lack of support for the LHDC to high-definition (hd) audio, and that is the only difference between the regular and the Basic models.

Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Is Basic, the generic version of the Mi AirDots 2 SE, which launched in China in mid-May. We’re not sure why Xiaomi had to be difficult to their name so far, though, we have to assume the laws of copyright, and the sounding is similar with the AirPods were at least partly to blame.

The case and design

In the load event of the Mi TWS2 Basic, which is a little larger than normal, and it has an unusual shape and opening mechanism. It’s pretty light and still fits in most pockets comfortably. However, if you are planning on using in the back pocket of your jeans, like a number of the TWS headset-owners to do so, you need to know that they don’t fit.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

How to open the lid to reveal the the true Mi TWS2 Basic pair of headphones, and they look exactly like their non-Base counterparts. The shape is reminiscent of Apple’s, AirPods, even though the “tribe” continued all along to the actual earpiece in this case.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

The long leg is also thicker and a little heavier. Wi-fi, you will have contributed to some of the competing products, it may take a few hours to get used to the bigger look and feel different. However, let’s not forget that we are talking about a total amount of €40 pair of wireless headphones, so some things may not be a flagship-like, and that’s fine.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

The good news is that the Mi TWS2 Basic that will fit perfectly into most ears, and it’s pretty easy to get used to them. They also offer support to the wear and tear – what does it mean to take up one or two, it will automatically pause what you have to learn to play the music or video.


If you have the right of Xiaomi mobile phone with the correct firmware version, the Mi TWS2 will be Basic, easy to find, close to the Apple AirPods. This means that when you open the drawers in the vicinity of your Xiaomi phone, and a pop-up message will appear on your phone asking you for permission to connect to it. And that’s it – there will be no name-calling from the settings menu, and the owner’s manual of the Bluetooth link.

If you have a different phone, however, you don’t worry about it! To connect to an Android or iOS phone only requires you to open the case, then go to your Bluetooth settings, and then press them in. That is what it is.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

The one thing that you’re going to lose if they don’t use it with a Xiaomi phone, it is in the animation on the screen with battery information, every time you open the case. So, you know, the same one that Apple has with the AirPods. Both the iOS and Android display the remaining battery life of your Mi TWS2 Good, but a Xiaomi phone is going to be able to tell you the remaining battery in the charger to give it.

One cool thing we have noticed is that it is not only the profession, but also in each and every earpiece has a small LED notification light that will blink when pairing or when the battery levels are low.

Battery and charger

E TWS2 Basic load case, it has a 410mAh battery, which is enough to charge the battery of the earpiece is about four times that. The case is being charged via the USB-C port and a short cable, which is included in the box. It will take you about 90 minutes to charge, the whole thing about what Xiaomi has promised to make.

The charge of knots to a 5W (5V/1A), so that pretty much every drawer, and most of the USB ports, and it will reach that number. If you are using the power of the thing, in one of the earlier 2.5 W ports, that is, the longer it will take to reach a full charge.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

The headphones come with two small pins, in the vicinity of the end of the long sections. Their job is to snap, and the easy-on and begin to charge. About 5 to 7 minutes, the box will give you plenty of juice to listen to music or talk for an hour or more. A full refund for the earphones is about 30 to 40 minutes.


E TWS2 Basic support for touch control on both ears. The double tap is one of the few works to play/pause music, answer/end call, and call it as your default voice assistant from Google, Bixby, or Iphone. The various parts of the earpiece to perform various actions, such as three touch zones (top, middle, bottom).

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

We have tried to do the gestures and they all work as advertised, but it will take some time to get used to it, while you are at the right place for you. But we’re not talking weeks, more like a couple of days and you should be at the core of it.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the order of the location of the signs, so you’ll have to refrain from Xiaomi, the layout of the document.

The sound quality and reception

Of course, one of the most important things in headphones is sound quality. It is not a good news for all the Mi TWS 2, Basic, as their output can be best described by the last word of the name.

The earphones, the sound to be shallow and have a very, very weak, and while the treble is not the best definition. The song is great, though, and that is the saving grace that makes the output good for the amount of €40 pair of headphones.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

We have compared it with some of the headphones we had lying around, and the Mi TWS2, Basic was the least impressive. Even though they’re 14.2 mm drivers, and they are still inferior to the Realme, the Buttons are Provided with a 12 mm driver).

E TWS 2 and the Basic sound is not terrible, but it is a side-by-side comparison to let you see right away that they were missing. Of course, if you are watching a TV series or listen to podcasts, and listen to music that isn’t all that much of a difference.

Plus, a lot of the great value of competitive deals won’t give you something that is very important for the environment noise during a call, (using two microphones). It works well on the Mi TWS2 Basic, not the best we’ve heard, but it’s good enough for you to make sure that the other party is easy to do what you have to say.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

Finally, it has promised to work distance is 10 m, and we have been able to verify this. It’s about 10 feet into a wall-less room, even with a lot of gadgets, and a pair of headphones to work around. Then, add two walls, doors, and you’ll have to search for the half of the distance, that is, it is still sufficient for the purpose. Leave your phone in your own home, and you will probably have have coverage throughout your home.

The life of the battery

Xiaomi promises 5 hours of music playback at 50% volume, and the headphones can even be higher than that, depending on the circumstances. We will have a full charge, and then we listened to music for about 5 hours at a stretch will be 65% by volume. After that, TWS2, Basic had approximately 10% of battery life in them.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

A call to eat the battery faster, but that’s to be expected. If you have a pair of headphones at a time, which is our preferred scenario, you’ll get approximately 7 hours of noise-cancelled interviews (3.5 hours by earphone).


E TWS2, Basic cost £ 40, and they offer very good sound quality and very good sound quality and noise reduction. For the audiophile and for the fans of deep bass the way it should stay the same, the potential savings just aren’t worth the sacrifice in terms of the sonic experience.

Xiaomi Mi Real, Wireless Earphone, 2 Basic review

E TWS2 Basic, are great for making calls on the go, listening to podcasts, or watching sitcoms on your commute to work. Plus, with their relatively low prices make them suitable for use in the gym, if you don’t lose as much as you can weeks to lose.


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