Xiaomi Mi-camera, the SE was launched as the cheapest PTZ camera


Xiaomi has been quietly released by the Mi camera and the SE CONTROL-only version located in China. Is the cheapest PTZ camera, the Chinese company has been listed on Youpin, Xiaomi is a crowd-funding platform in the marketplace. The Xiaomi Mi camera and the SE CONTROL is provided, with a retail price of RMB 149 (approx Rs 1,600). In anticipation of the release of the budget model, the Xiaomi had released three of the other PTZ camera models. These include the CONTROL-only version) (1080P), CONTROL version 2 (1296P) and the CONTROL (Pro edition (1296P). Also Read – Xiaomi Redmi 10X times mentioned in the e-commerce site JD.com All you need to know

Xiaomi Mi-camera, the SE CONTROL was launched: Price, Specs

For Xiaomi, the term SE, which is about the price of the product. It has a name, with models such as the Xiaomi Mi 8 and 9. for Mi as well. The Mi camera and the SE does not include support for vertical movement, as seen in the CONTROL version, which will cost RMB 199 (approximately Rs 2,116). The Xiaomi Mi camera will SE the CONTROL version has a 2-megapixel camera. It is capable of shooting 1080p high definition videos. The smart camera also makes use of a HIGH-technology, which enables the camera to retain more of the information, even in a backlit scene. Also Read – Xiaomi unveils MIUI 12 is a general version of the roll-out of the details, in the account machinery and equipment; 47 and the devices to get the update

The camera also comes with a 940 nm infrared light to enter. The brightness of the fill light is controlled with the aid of the optical structure, and for software optimizations. The camera allows you to get a stronger transmission with a vision of the night. The smart camera also makes use of a next-generation H. 265 video encoding technology. Those wishing to make use of this type of camera is capable of recording 1080p HD video smoothly, even under a 1M uplink bandwidth. According to the GizmoChinathere is also support for 32GB microSD card slot as well as a NAS, or cloud storage support. Also Read – Poco-Pop Tops, the name is revealed, it would be in fact the Xiaomi Mi Air-to-Points (2) SE

The images are recorded in the memory card can be played on-1/4/16 times the normal rate. The Mi camera and the SE CONTROL to be able to recognize and sound an alarm if there is any suspicious activity, or movement. It is also effective filters, the movements of the wind, the grass, animals, among others. The camera also comes with a cleaning mode. This, allegedly, helps to make sure that it is the time for the alarm frequency is to be reduced in order to reduce the false alarm rate.


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