Xiaomi Mi Box 4K, will go on sale in India from today and at 12 o’clock, on Mi.com


The Chinese multinational company, Xiaomi, just a great entry into the smart products, the category with the Mi Brand in India, recently. In addition to the release of Mi a to 10 5 G, Xiaomi also launched the Mi Box 4K. The Mi Box 4K Xiaomi is venturing into a segment that is dominated by Amazon with its Fire TV Stick. The Chinese smartphone maker says the product is part of a group of Mi-based devices will be available in the country. It all began with the Mi Band in 2015, and will be followed with the Mi treatment system, 2-in 2016, the Mi Router, 3-in 0217, Mi and a Smart Tv by 2018, and the the Mi Smart water purifier from last year. The Mi Box 4K, going to buy today, in India, at 12:00 am on Xiaomi’s own mi.com. Also Read Xiaomi Mi Box 4K stream machine vs Amazon Fire TV Stick with 4K, What is the best option ?

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K-Launched-Price in India, Features

During a product briefing and Xiaomi shared, and why, is the launch of a streaming device in India today. The company calls it the industry’s research that shows that of the 34 million smart Tvs were sold in India in the last four years. This is a flat-screen cable Tv and any crt’s that can be turned into a smart device with a streaming dongle. It is also said that the share of the non-smart Tv which was a 46% relative to that of the smart Tv’s last year. Also Read Xiaomi Mi Box 4K Android streaming device to be launched in India: Price, Features,

Xiaomi is a revolution in the smart TV market in India with the launch of its Mi Tvs. With the Mi Box 4K, it will reach the customers who are still using a non smart TV in its class. If you have a non-smart TV, then you need to be in the horizon, but even with a smart TV, users will need to take this into account. Smart Tvs also fall behind and will not get the support from the major content platforms, and after a period. Some of the most fundamental smart Tvs will offer Netflix and a web browser. So, how do you get Amazon Prime Video, or on Hotstar, Xiaomi, think of Mi Box 4K-is the best solution for these customers. Also Read – Xiaomi’s Mi Box, the India launch teased for May 8, in addition to Mi 10 to 5 G, and the real wireless earbuds

The Mi Box 4K, as the name implies, it is a 4K streaming device. However, it will work with any TV, and intelligently adapts to the screen resolution of your TV. It runs on the Android TV interface for Chromecast built in, and supports dual-band, Wi-fi, as well. There is also a Dolby Audio support and is suitable for use in the management of your smart home devices as well. Since it runs on the Android TV will support Google’s Assistant. It is also the world’s first Android-streaming-device-to-offer-Google-Data-Saver-feature an over-the-AIR update.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K-it works by connecting the device via HDMI to the TV and connecting it to the Internet. It also has a USB port for connecting external devices, Bluetooth 4.2, and a connection to the wireless headphones. The Mi Box, which is also supplied with a remote control that has a dedicated button for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Google to Assist. It has been priced at Rs 3,499, which are much cheaper than the Amazon Fire, the 4K TV, which sells for Rs 5,999. The Mi Box 4K, it is a smart play for the company in the market, every consumer wants to be the smartest device to device. It’s going to be on sale from 10 May to 12:00 PM IST via Flipkart, Mi.com Mi Studio Mi casa.


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