Xiaomi Mi-10 Ultra is most likely to display the camera


Xiaomi is set to launch another variant of its Mi 10, in the next couple of days. The Mi 10 Is the Ultra, and the rumored features have leaked onto the internet over the past few days. And now there is a new development, suggest the phone is likely to pack a screen display of the camera. This possibility was mentioned by Ross, the Young, lead analyst at DisplaySearch. The answer to any of the tweets in the Mi 10, Ultra, short, Young, said“It’ll probably be the first phone with a bottom panel of the camera. Also Read Xiaomi Mi-MIX-Alpha-no selling, no plans for a new MIX series for this year

With the use of the screen, the camera has been a challenge for mobile phone makers. We have already seen, Oppo, Samsung and Xiaomi and the demonstration of the technology. But, in order to bring to the market for consumers, it is a different matter altogether. Young said because of the camera’s built-in display, it is likely that the Mi and The 10 Ultra, it will be sold in a limited quantity. Also Read – Redmi-Note 8, to get a new orange colour option, it could be Xiaomi’s anniversary special

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Several reports have pointed out, the Mi 10 The Ultra will be on display at the specialty of Xiaomi event on August 11. If you think that the leak of the Ultra-crazy, 120 X zoom lens and the latest by 2020 for specifications. Xiaomi, however, isn’t stopping there. In the unprecedented time we are going through, Xiaomi is willing to go one step further for their customers. If the reports are to be taken seriously, the Mi 10 The Ultra will be for the control of the Novel corona virus. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra to get the anti-case, screen protector as a part of the in-box of goodies

Xiaomi Mi-10-Ultra-expected specifications

The phone is likely to come in two variants; 8GB + 256GB, and 12GB + 256GB. It will come with a periscope lens, such as the Physically X50 Pro, and is equipped with a display with a 120Hz refresh rate. A flagship phone will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, and it supports 100W of quickly charging the battery and 55W wireless charging. The Mi 10 Is the Ultra to have an anti-bacterial coating in the included case. The coating shall extend to, and the screen protector will be sent out by e 10 And Ultra. We are very excited to see what Xiaomi has got to offer with this unique product, and the brand has been planning to launch around the world.


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