Xiaomi is a Redmi K30 Explorer is the Pro version, but you can’t have it both ways


Xiaomi is used to create special versions of the flagship initiatives that have had a semi-transparent back side of the panels. They call them the Explorer, the versions, and the one for the Xiaomi Mi 8) and (9 Mi. But, they said that they would not be released by a Mi 10/10 Pro, Explorer, Edition, in spite of the leaked images of a prototype of the game.

It turns out that she has a picture of a prototype Redmi K30 Pro, Explorer, Edition, by, images of Xiaomi’s Senior Product Manager Daniel e on Twitter. He says it is a custom Redmi K30 Pro, which I guess means that it’s not going to be on the ” general terms and conditions of sale at any time soon (or, in the alternative, Xiaomi is taking the time to see what kind of interest such a device would have to generate).

Redmi K30 Pro with a clear back
Redmi K30 Pro with a clear back

Redmi K30 Pro with a clear back

Last Explorer Edition devices, showing a part of the inside, but it was also fake-design-elements (such as large print or overlaid in some parts, to make them more attractive. In the case of these, Redmi K30 Pro, it appears that the use of a common, transparent back cover and the inside pages are laid bare, for all to enjoy.

Or is it the custom edition makes it to the shelves or not, it’s really cool to look at.


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