Willy’s Wonderland, Poster and Fall of Nicolas Cage in an amusement park with Evil Animatronics


Do you want to go to the warped world of Willy’s Wonderland”. Originally, the title of Wally’s Wonderland, when the project was first announced, and a new poster for the upcoming Nicolas Cage’s horror flick, has been revealed. The film will see Cage fighting, animatronic characters, a family entertainment centre, not unlike a Chuck E. Cheese’s.

To the poster that was revealed when the film hit Cannes, the virtual market place. It looks Nicolas Cage in the middle of the night-lit building. The cage has been focusing strictly on the things we can’t see what’s holding what looks like a stick with a bundle of wires. The poster comes with the tagline, ” Let the games begin.” Unfortunately, not much else can be gleaned from the image, but this would be one of the wildest cinematic Cage and the adventures that we’ve seen in some time. And that’s really saying something, especially in light of the fact that the actor has recently starred in such films as Mandy and The Color Space.

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Willy’s Wonderland” did quite well for himself, and for the sale of the majority of the international territories. The rights have been sold in the united kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Latin america and north America. The movie is being filmed under the direction of Kevin Lewis, (The Drop, The Third Nail). It was produced by G. O. Parsons. When it was originally announced that Lewis describes it as “Pale Rider” us-Killer Klowns from Outer Space.” That’s quite the mash-up. It also seems to have some of the Five Nights at Freddy’s now. That’s interesting as well as Blumhouse has been working for some time on an adaptation of the popular video game. Not to mention the latest R-rated Banana Splits movie. There’s something in the air at this point, when it comes to pets, which are intended to be fun for the children, that is pressure.

Willy’s Wonderland” is going to be about a hotel Concierge (Nicolas Cage), who is stranded in a remote, small town. His Jeep breaks down. Not being able to pay for the repairs, and he agrees to work off his debt by spending the night cleaning up an abandoned theme park filled with animatronic characters that were once a source of fun for the kids to play with. However, the park carries a dark secret that he is about to be discovered. Lured into a fatal trap, these animatronic characters come to life and try to destroy the unsuspecting boy. He is forced to fight his way from one sample to the other, in an attempt to survive the night.

The cast also includes Emily Tosta, Beth Grant, Ric Reitz, and Chris Warner. As for when we’ll be able to see it Willy’s Wonderland”? The film is in the can, and selling all over the world, it would seem to be in the studio and would hope to have it out sooner rather than later. With a little luck, and a trailer will drop online in the very near future. We will keep you updated as any further release of information is to be provided. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new poster of the Foresight Unlimited see for yourself.

Willy's Wonderland

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