Will AJ Styles returned to wrestling, as it was claimed by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson? Check it out in order to know what his reaction is.


As recently noted, the Impact Wrestling stars Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows did an interview with Sportskeeda, where they indicated a late effort to get on AJ Styles return to Impact somewhere along the line.

“The Phenomenal One” took to his Twitch stream last night to notice the problem. He focused on what he has said in past interviews to say that the WWE is set up in the last promotion, he shall, before resigning.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to be uncovered in a current interview with Sportskeeda, that they are trying to take on AJ Styles return to Impact Wrestling. The Good Brothers have just made themselves at home at the time of the Impact, and it seems that they need from their buddy, AJ Styles, hops also contributes.

“Not to say that they don’t have much going on at this moment in time. Man, they have got a strong talent,” AJ stated. “It is not that they are not very good talent, but they’ve upped it just a little bit more.”

“Man, I’m so happy for these guys. I’m happy that she’s happy, you know what I mean? Because it was a difficult time for all of us. So, she’s kicking tail now,” Styles finished.

Styles held the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a match against Gran Metalik, this last Friday night on SmackDown. He has held the title since June, soon after its first appearance on the blue brand.

Gallows & Anderson, does not anticipate their release from the company, and, if it did happen, a lot of controversy followed it. Styles felt bad about it, because he saw himself as the older brother, and he had a feeling that he will not have to take care of them in the WWE.

Ultimately, all three of them are good in pro-wrestling, currently, they are in a variety of businesses. Maybe one day down the line, the Good Brothers, and uncles are All back, throwing in a “good” in the same ring to it.


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