WhatsApp takes up to 30 seconds of video, select the status option


WhatsApp has begun to roll back the 30-second-video-for-WhatsApp-Status. At the moment, WhatsApp messenger, had been reduced to the period of time of 15 seconds or less, because of the load on the server. Now, as seen by the WABetainfoThere’s the return of the function to be started with the WhatsApp Beta. Also Read – WhatsApp messenger will Pay it faces anti-trust charges by the indian watchdog: Report

As can be seen in the latest WhatsApp messenger for Android beta v2.20.166, and the company has continued to increase, and the video’s status, limit the upload to 30 seconds. All of the users on the Beta may be the app can be found in the extensive limit. That being said, it has been reportedby Gadgets360it ) that Facebook could roll out of the update will be on the basis of the WhatsApp user preferences. Also, at this point, you will not be able to get the update from the google Play Store immediately. Also Read – WhatsApp will be launching a new campaign to curb fake news, in-COVID-19

On the other hand, WABetaInfo it has to be noted that the change will only be on the server side, the update, the app doesn’t work. Also Read – WhatsApp messenger adds Messenger, Rooms, shortcuts for Android users, and Where to find it?

In other news, the app is set to dark mode and on the web. The Facebook-owned social messaging platform, it has a dark mode to run the application on ios, Android, and iOS. However, the dark mode in the absence of a web-based interface to the service. Whereas, the company has been officially working on the creation of the dark themes on the web, you can go ahead and turn on the dark theme now.

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The switch-on of the

The first step is to visit the WhatsApp Web and then open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on menu and select WhatsApp Web. Now, just point your phone at the screen, and the definition of the code. This will be reported in the web-based version of its social messaging service. Using the web to open it, right-click in the window, and then click on the “Inspect” at the bottom. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+I to check the web-page.

This will take you directly to the code of the page, along with a bracket for it. At the top you’ll find a string of the body-class=web”, which determines the class of the original theme. Now, simply replace the word web with the web in the dark. As soon as the belt has been replaced, simply press the ENTER key. This must be the right of the interface into a dark theme. If, however, you have to refresh the tab, or close the page, WhatsApp Web will automatically switch back to the light theme.


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