WELL the 10 Pro and 10 will get Android 11, and two years of security updates


Back in April, as WELL made up of the 10 Pro’s and 10’s official, and it went on sale earlier this month. These are the two Android smartphones the company has in the first instance, to use you to make a name for themselves outside of China. As WELL it has a lot of the career of the BlackBerry brand of handsets over the years, very few people in the Western world know about it in this way.

Neither the 10 the Pro-nor the 10 are great flagship devices, instead of, WELL, it is, apparently, the emulation of the HMD, the Global strategy and with the new lease of life to Nokia brand, go to the mid-range of the first one. Although even at that price, the software updates are important.

WELL 10 Pro

With that in mind, you might want to know about that as WELL, it is promising at least one major Android upgrade for the 10 Pro and 10, along with security updates every two months for up to two years. This means that the phones are at a certain point, the Android to 11, even though the firm does not make representations as to how long it’s going to take a while to update.

And, of course, the “at least” wording, you would hope that the Android update would be coming to aka Android a 12, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. However, you as WELL deserve to be praised for the simple plans in this area.


To find out more about the as WELL 10 the Pro 10, don’t miss our hands-on review.



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