Weekly poll review-iOS-14 is a solid upgrade, maybe even to get to the switch


Last week’s poll, it appears that on iOS the 14 is a solid upgrade, one out of four voters believe it will take for them to be able to move on, content with their current iPhone with another one in five are looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 12 for the olympics in the best of shape.

It’s good enough to help Apple’s the way to attract users to the premium Android device? Well, up a solid 23% say that this is the case. They will be in a position to have to choose between a $400 iPhone, to SE, in the $600-700 iPhone for the 12, or one of the $1,000+ Pro models, depending on their needs.

What's new in iOS 14: the App library
What's new in iOS 14: the Enhanced privacy
What's new in iOS 14: iMessage improvements

What’s new in iOS 14: the home screen, select widgets • the App library • Enhanced privacy • iMessage improvements

Of course, Apple does not have phones in the sub-$400 is a mid-ranger, the market, and the blocking of second-hand units; as of Android developers to offer a number of impressive handsets in the range. The owners of these Androids can’t see a reason to pay a premium for iOS.

Also, many feel that iOS is still trailing Android, especially when it comes to customization. And it is true that it took 14 versions of the Apple to allow you to get on your web browser app. So, if you have the Android UI looks nothing like the stock system, iOS, to 14, it is not the one for you.

If you change the value of privacy and the long-term nature of the software, however, is that iOS has a number of new features that make it past the Android users will be able to feel at home.

Weekly poll review-iOS-14 is a solid upgrade for some of you, it's not good enough, it is time to switch to Android


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