Week 32 in review: the busiest, Galaxy Unpacked event ever


Week 32 is served to us in a great flood of announcements, but no-one is bigger than that of Samsung’s Unpacked event. A few of the new Note20 phones, the Galaxy Z-Fold2 an early look, the two flagship tablets, a smartwatch and a gov’t packaging in the TWS earphones, it was the largest single event in several years.

Google unveiled its long delay, in Pixel 4, a mid-ranger that looks pretty dated on paper, but it is often delivered to smart phones and services that have the experience rather than what the hardware allows.

HMD gave us the new Nokia C3 is an entry-level phone, as the Realme, and Yes, you have had announcements of their own, with the Q5 and 7 5 G, respectively. There’s a new vivo handset to the siemens S7 5 G, while the HTC Wildfire is the E2 was on sale without much in the way of a press release.

With so a lot of the new hardware, go to the official you would think that he could not get a lot of traction, but the Huawei ascend Mate in the 40’s and the Xiaomi Mi-10 Is the Ultra still made it to the headlines.

Check out the list of the most-read articles of the past week is below, make sure you don’t miss something important. See you in seven days!!!

It has Such Button, which allows you to quickly launch the Google Assistant, or one of the other apps installed on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note20, and Note20 Ultra will be revealed with an upgrade to the screens, S-Pen and camera

Both have larger screens than their predecessors – with a 120 Hz screen, and in the case of the Ultra, And 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold2 introduced to the larger screens on the inside and the outside

Is the inner display screen that makes use of Ultra-Thin Glass, which made its debut in the Z-Orientation.

Samsung Unpacked coverage wrap-up

Samsung unveiled two new dual-core processor, the Z-Fold 2, and two of the Tab, the S7 slate, a smartwatch, its first noise-canceling earphones.

Xiaomi Mi A4 does not have An Android program that will get the axe

The confirmation comes straight from the company.

Apple says that the new game-streaming services, such as Microsoft's xCloud violation of App Store policy

This is true for Nvidia’s GeForce, Now, and Google has Arenas as well. This is the reason why xCloud test it on iOS and it was too early for that.

Facebook releases Top 10 list of Android performers for the month of July

The three of them, Yes, you, with, phones, and all of them are Chinese brands.

Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold, 2, To Tab, the S7-and S7+, samsung Galaxy Watch3 photos and videos will surface one day too early

Refer to the Z-Fold 2 in the Realm of Bronze, and Gray. The tablets have to be able to use the S-Pen, as well as the slates are still the keyboard and add-ons.


Samsung’s first wireless earphones with the active noise cancellation here.

Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-and S7+ here: 120Hz displays, S865+ and the S-Pen

The S7, which has a higher by 12.4-inch AMOLED display, while the S7 is going to be an 11-inch screen LCD monitor.

vivo S7 5 G was unveiled with the S765G, 6.44

The front-facing camera has auto focus and can record 4K videos at 60 fps. It has a special night in home fashions as well.

Realme V5 comes out as the cheapest smartphone to have 5 g of

The 6/128 GB version of the mid-ranger will only cost CNY1,499, or about $215/ € 182.

Google's Pixel is 4 announced with Snapdragon 730g, 5.81-inch display

Google’s mid-range, the Pixel is finally coming out.

Instagram officially launches the Reels in an attempt to get you to take it to TikTok

It is already available in 50 countries and regions.

vivo confirms August 17 date for iQOO 5

The new phone will feature an AMOLED display with an always-on display.

Xiaomi Mi-10 Is the Ultra leak points in the glass-ceramic, and transparent back

The transparent option will be top with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of storage.

Huawei ascend Mate 40 Pro is also coming, turns out the dual punch hole display

The phone’s rounded design, the camera is on the back of the flash to the left-hand side.

OnePlus will Always show On the Display of the design in a teaser video

They were created with the help of the students, at the Parsons School of Design. A different designer, it is inspiring, and the look of OxygenOS 11 interface.

Samsung Galaxy Note20, and Note20 Ultra will have three major Android OS updates

This is a two-in theory at least, therefore, it is good news for a long, long life-span.

Yes, 7 5 G is official with a Snapdragon 765G, SoC, and 48MP, quad camera

It packs an AMOLED screen, with a display, a fingerprint reader and a battery with up to 30 fast charge support.

The Huawei ascend Mate 40 to get a Kirin chipset, but the Kirin-powered flagship

The company is faced with the problem of the supply of the U.S., it will block the TSMC for the production of more chips for the Smartphone from mid September onwards.

Huawei ascend Mate 40 to create a showcase for giant, circular camera bump

The display is curved, but it doesn’t seem to be like a waterfall-y, if the Level 30 And the Pro’s.

Google's Pixel is 4-for-review

Google’s Pixel is 4, it makes the mid-range Pixel with a larger one.

Pixel phone with a 120Hz 6.67

This will be the biggest Pixel ever, the 4 and the XL was only a 6.3-inch display. Even with the rumors, the Pixel 5 and the XL is said to be only 6.12″ setting.

The HTC Wildfire is the E2 goes on sale without notice to you, with entry-level specs

It can be bought in Russia for the local equivalent of about $120.

Samsung Galaxy Note20, and Note20 Ultra for India, prices revealed as pre-orders open

The duo is up for pre-order in the country.


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