Week 31 in review: the samsung Galaxy M31s, Reno4 duo’s debut, in addition to the Black Shark, 3S, and Red Magic-5S


Week 31 has brought us a number of new handsets beginning with the Samsung Galaxy s M31s. The new head of the Korean company’s lower mid-range in the line-up and comes with a 6.5″ AMOLED, quad-camera, and 6,000 mAh battery.

Yes, you made a couple of important announcements for the Reno4 and Reno4 Pro. “Red Magic” and ” Black Shark gaming brands have presented their latest flagships, with the 5S and the 3S, to the end of a pretty exciting line-up of the new phone.

We have had an announcement of their own – for a Quick Charge of 5, and when it is not able to be viewed on a mobile phone is that you simply don’t, it’s sure to be something to look forward to.

In the meantime, Samsung’s Unpacked event is approaching quickly, and you can see that the increase in the volume of leaks and teasers about the device, which will be presented on the stage.

The most affordable member of the iPhone-12 in the line-up also played a pretty big leaks, but Apple confirmed that it was corona virus disruptance in the supply chain, it will lead to a slowdown in the market, subject to availability.

Check out the list of the most-read articles of the past week is below, make sure you don’t miss something important. See you in seven days!!!

Sales in India will start on the 6th of August.

Galaxy s Unpacked teaser image reveals that all incoming devices

The Note20 series will be joined by the Galaxy s, the Z-Fold To 2, Tab, siemens S7, duo, Look at the 3-and the samsung Buds to Live.

Qualcomm announces Quick Charge 5 a: 100W (+ speed, you can fill the battery up to 50% in 5 minutes

A full charge takes about 15 minutes. The new standard will be carried out to 10°C cooler than the QC4, while providing up to 4 times the power of the battery.

A OnePlus Nord, under the leadership of the united states, may be powered by the Snapdragon 690

Just remember, north is a new product line, not just one.

The OnePlus Nord crack during bend test

The frame is, as expected, not as sturdy as a metal one.

Samsung Galaxy tablet S7-and S7+ specs leak: first 120 Hz screens, and S865+ chips

This will be the first tablet from Samsung with a high refresh rate monitor. They will take advantage of the improved S-Pen Note20 can be seen at the start.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 star in a hands-on video ahead of launch

The physical and the rotating bezel is back.

The Samsung Galaxy s, the Z-Fold 2 to 5 g of the pressure makes it leak

The next fold will be officially unveiled on the 5th of August.

Sony announces the A7S III, with a 4K 120p recording mode, the 16-bit RAW video, and the in-body stabilization

It also has a completely revamped user INTERFACE and a new, fully rotatable touch screen.

The Entry-level, 5.4 ” iPhone, 12 to monitor leaks from the notch remains unchanged

The budget iPhone, the 12, are provided in a liquid crystal display panel.

A number of mid-range and entry-level from nokia to arrive on the MARKET

The Nokia 2.4 the leak is in the detail, and we only have the broad strokes for the Nokia, 6.3, and 7.3. There is also a fourth type of model is in the works as well.

The samsung Galaxy Note20, the family has to come up with an improved S 990

The improved thermal performance and lower energy consumption.

The first dual Core 2020 the graphics will be displayed

The device will share a lot of similarities to the 2019 edition, but with improved hardware.

Apple confirmed the rumors of a delay in the itunes store for 12 shipments

The company has been recognized as a during the transcription.

Google confirms that Pixel and 4 reveal coming on August 3rd

This is really a very, very long time in the making.

The main specs are the same as in the Red-Magic 5G.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+ in order to come up with custom GPU

The new Mi 10 Pro+ has been developed, in addition to We offer unparalleled GPU to control.

Xiaomi device running the Snapdragon 865 break down Easy, the Mi 10 The Pro Plus?

An Xiaomi, with a not-for-Plus-Snapdragon 865, just to 680k is on Facebook.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra with the Exynos chipset, going by Geekbench

Performance is on par with the S and S20 Ultra.

Sony brings camera RAW support to Xperia 1 and II, the Photo Pro mode

The update comes in conjunction with the July update.

Google, in the wake of the Pixels 4 on the 3rd of August according to the latest rumors,

This is the third phone in the announcement for the next Monday.

Black Shark 3S unveiled with a 120 Hz 6.67

It is a great upgrade from the Black World (3), which came out in the 90’s Db. The 3S also has faster RAM, and storage.

Google is in talks with Samsung to replace the Bixby Assistant

Samsung the Galaxy Apps Store.

Black Shark 3S 120Hz screen compared to the iPhone, for 11, Pro Max’s

A new, official teaser video also reveals more of the new gaming phone’s specs.

Yes, Reno4 Pro will be unveiled with a Snapdragon 720 G), 6.5

Don’t confuse this with the Reno4 a Pro model that will be launched in China. The enhancement of the global Reno3 Pro to improve the performance of the board of directors.


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