Week 21 review: the samsung Galaxy Note20 of the details of the surface of the pool 1 and (II goes on sale


A week has gone by, and now it’s time to look back at the major events that occurred in it.

Last week, Xiaomi detailed its MIUI 12, to a global audience. The OS will start seeding to devices at the end of June, beginning with a 9, Mi, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, and with the K20, K20, and is a Pro. SEVERAL 12, it is stock Android, 10 navigation, thanks to the new quick reply feature, floating windows, and a new universal die casting.

We learned that the Samsung Galaxy Note20, it will probably be a 4500 mAh battery, and a 108MP the main camera. The reports claim that Samsung’s flagship will not receive the 4x periscope camera, samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to 5G, but only for the most important 108MP camera.

The samsung Galaxy Note20 has also been published in images – both of which are very crude, and very, very friendly. It does represent a square phone with a small display panels, and a center punch-hole, selfie camera and a single-or dual-camera, depending on who you believe.

For more official news, Samsung unveiled its super-tough, samsung Galaxy S20-Tactical Edition – in fact, it is a samsung Galaxy S20 with the special software, tailor-made to meet the needs of the companies and the federal government, and the Ministry of Defence, which is hidden in a rugged carrying case. The limited edition of the phone is due to be released sometime in Q3.

The MediaTek isn’t a new Dimensity 820 chipset with a faster CPU clock speed, an extra core on the GPU and support for dual SIM 5G. The chip will be a direct competition to the upper mid-range Snapdragon 765G and-768G, and shall also have the power of the next Redmi X10.

The Redmi 10X and is expected to be the first phone with support for the above-mentioned dual-SIM, 5 g of support and a TOUCH-screen display with an always-on mode.

Not to be confused with the Redmi 10X, the Honor X 10 5 G, which debuted this week, with Kirin 820 chip set, and a 4,300 mAh battery, 40MP, main camera, and a notchless screen.

Be the talk of the Smartphone, and the recent $ 700 million to TSMC for the 5nm, and 7nm chips, it was stopped in its tracks by the united states Department of Commerce, until TSMC gets a licence for the supply of the Smartphone.

Finally, the Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II went on sale in Japan and the united states and Europe saw pre-orders open up on a rather high £ 1,199 price point. The AMERICAN odds, it was later demolished, so the price would not have been the case.

These were the stories of the past week. You see the next one!

The Beta test will begin next week.

Samsung announces the Galaxy S20, Tactical Edition,

The handset will arrive sometime in Q3, but will be available through select channels. It is not intended to be a consumer.

YouTuber livestreams with the Pixels 4 in the hand, and reveals a dimension and a key driver physical

The related reports will be confirmed by July Lusson, to confirm that there is no Active device to the Pixel 4 a.

Facebook's new graph compare to the actual performance of Android chipset

Only the CPU and the GPU are to be considered, to avoid the variation of the storage, and the screens that the manufacturers use.

Samsung Galaxy Note20+ and a 4,500 mAh battery, 108MP camera

The samsung Galaxy Note20+ corresponds to that of the samsung Galaxy S20 (+) lead of the battery capacity, the Ultra’s camera.

iQOO Z1 announced: Dimensity 1000+ SoC, 144Hz, and 48MP, the triple camera

It’s a Neo3 5G with the Dimensity of 1000+ it under the hood.

Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II launches in Japan on the 22nd of May

The global launch is still somewhere on the horizon, I hope.

MediaTek Dimensity 820, and reveals a substantially faster CPU clock speed, an extra GPU core and dual-SIM-5 G

It’s the same basic hardware as well as the Dimensity of 800, and the four Cortex-A76 cpu cores running at 2.6 GHz (from 2.0 GHz). Also, the GPU now has five cores.

Sony cybershot dsc-1 to II goes on pre-order in the united states and Europe

There are no shipping dates just yet, though.

Dark Mode is now available on the App, and an Assistant

Available on both Android and iOS devices.

Huawei placement of a new $700 million at TSMC, but it's the AMERICAN action to stop it

The companies that make use of the material requires a license to sell the Smartphone.

Redmi 10X the teasers promise,

The new X-series range phone, sitting just below the K-series flagships, but it will be just as enthusiastic about the new technology.

Samsung's dual-core processor and 20 on the alleged CAD to create a leak with the samsung Galaxy S20-Ultra-s-camera-settings

Its dimensions make it roughly the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

The Pixel 5 may have to make do with a Snapdragon 765, a new proof of

It has been rumored for months now, but as a member of the XDA have found concrete evidence was leaked-Google-Camera-APK.

Honor X 10 5 G comes with a Kirin 820 SoC, notchless, display, and 40MP triple camera

It has a notchless display, and a 4,300 mAh battery.

Redmi 10X with Dimensity 820 benchmarked, edges out the Snapdragon 765G phone

It was confirmed that the 10X will be able to use the new 820 chip. It is to the advantage of the Snapdragon 765G performance (based on AnTuTu scores).

Samsung Galaxy Note20 design was unveiled by sketches of

What appear to be a case of the show has been a standard for Samsung’s flagship design.

The stable EMUI 10.1 build is now seeding to more Smartphone devices

The update is available in China only for now, but is expected to be in the way the international units are fast.

Google's Pixel is 4-is reportedly arriving on the 13th of July, no 4, (XL) variant

The center of the middle Pixel and the phone is still delayed, but hopefully not for much longer.

Redmi 10X, it will be the first phone to include dual SIM 5G support, it will Always be On the TOUCH screen

Why would you get two of the 5G connectivity? Xiaomi has been teasing a range of advantages. Also, the automatic document FEEDER function to be modified.

LG Q61 been announced, with a 6.5

The phone will go on sale on May 29th.

Asus ROG 3 hits Geekbench, the Wi-Fi Alliance

The clock speeds of single-core/multi-core, the results of the check-out.


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