Week 20 review: Poco: F2 Pro this iPhone, 12-leak, the Pixel 4 to be tested


Welcome to the week view. Over the past several days has brought us all to the Poco, F2, Pro, and the triumphant return of the no-frills flagship phone. On the basis of the Redmi K30 Pro, the Poco < F2 > the Pro is the cheapest Snapdragon 865 phone is in pretty much every market, starting at just $500/€500 for a 6/128GB model. Pre-orders are now live; the shipments will start on the 19th of May.

A giant iPhone is a 12-leak, showed what the company’s upcoming line-up will look like, thanks to the on the basis of the CAD schemes. The iPhone is 12, and 12, Pro will have an iPad Pro-like design, with flat sides and square edges. The iPhone, in 12, Pro will come in three dimensions are 5.4-inch, which is about the size of a 4.7-inch iPhone, the SE 2020), as well as a 6.1-inch and a 6.7-cm). All three will have to make use of the OLED panel, and at least with the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch (is expected to be faster in 120Hz Promotion, refresh rate, and a smaller cut-outs. The Pro for the iphone will also receive an exclusive LiDAR, and a 3x tele-cameras as well. The main camera is expected to continue to be 12MP, but Apple is going to increase the sensor size.

I also got a huge Google-Pixel-4 already. The phone has been compared, the battery life was testedtoo. The Snapdragon 730 are placed in the expected scores in AnTuTu and Geekbench and it did not have any problems with modern games. Impressive, Pixel-for-Pixel 4 a’s 3,080 mAh battery, able to achieve up to 7 hours of screen on time.

The next big story with the Nokia 9.3 PureView. It is to be expected to make use of the 108MP camera to record 8K video. The Nokia 9.3 PureView will also be able to “ZEISS effect” and the Pro-Night mode for shooting.

It turns out that OnePlus 8, custom 5 MEGAPIXELS sensor and is designed for both the IR and color filter images can be seen among certain agents. Since the camera lacks an IR filter, it can, subject to certain conditions, to be seen by the use of specific substances.

Realme isn’t Narzo 10 to Narzo 10 smartphones. The Narzo-10 is based on the Realme 6i, while Narzo 10 shares most of its specs with the triple-camera version, of the Realme of C3, but it does have a new speedy go back.

Realme will have to start selling Narzo 10, in Which the White and the Green on the 18th of May, at noon, local time, for INR11,999 ($158/€146). The Narzo 10, which is available in Blue or White, will cost INR8,499 ($112/€104) in order for the first sale on the 22nd of May.

The united states has extended its restrictions on the businesses in the U.S. in order to work with Huawei for a year now. This means that the Smartphone was unlikely to regain access to Google Mobile Services and, by extension, the apps, such as Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, and google Maps, at least until the end of May, 2021. Huawei is working tirelessly to provide for the expansion of the chinese Mobile Services and the creation of a worthy alternative.

Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 768G, which is an overclocked version of its popular Snapdragon 765G, the exchange of all inner parts, including the X52 5G network.

Samsung is launching the Galaxy s is A Quantum, which is a special version of the Galaxy s A71 with quantum cryptography is focused on providing unmatched level of security. It’s a phone that going to be the sales in Samsung’s home market of South Korea.

We received two reports last week that the Samsung Galaxy Note20, and Note20+ ” will be displayed. One explained that the two of them would have to be 120Hz, but the latter claimed to be only for the samsung Galaxy Note20+ for a 120Hz, while Note20 will be a 60 hz panel. And it’s not going to be a samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

See the full list of our most read stories are shown below, and you will see it in a week.

Yes, it’s a rebadged Redmi K30 Pro, which is a companion to the Poco to X2, which is based on the Redmi K30.

iPhone, 12 the leak: a CAD-based show design, 120Hz screens, and 3x optical zoom camera is recommended

The Details continue to change, as Apple’s engineers are trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A 64MP camera apparently falls into the “no” column.

The Nokia 9.3 PureView will shoot 8K video, and an exclusive THIN, effects

The 108MP camera, and a Snapdragon 865 chipset, which is, this phone reportedly will have no problems with the 8K/30p video.

OnePlus 8 in Pro color filter the camera is able to see by means of clothing objects

Realme Narzo 10 and Realme Narzo 10 has finally been officially

They are the Realme 6i, and a triple-cam, the Realme, the C3 for Indian market.

DxOMark scored the Samsung Galaxy S20+, is the tenth in the smart phone photography

It was given a score of 118, slightly besting the iPhone-to 11 Pro for Mac, and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ 5G.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 768G with overclocked CPU and GPU are integrated 5G modem

The platform is an upgrade to the Snapdragon 765 series.

Redmi K30 5 g of the Racing Edition is officially the first phone with a Snapdragon 768G

The official sale starts on the 14th of May.

Huawei continues to be prohibited from doing business with companies in the US for another year

President Trump’s new executive order will extend the original prohibition for a year, which means no Google services.

Samsung, Galaxy, Quantum announced its intention to launch a quantum-based encryption technology

It’s a rebadged Galaxy s A71 5 G, with a quantum random-number-generator set.

Sony's move is only 400,000 smartphones in Q1

In the future, the phone line isn’t looking too bright.

Amazon's new Fire HD 8 tablets to ensure faster chipset, and a USB C

All three are up for pre-order while the official sale begins on June 3rd.

Analyst: Galaxy Note20, and Note20+ you will have to have 120Hz monitors, there will be no Ultra

Analyst and Ross and Young and even provided extra information that points to what Samsung is doing to improve the service life of the battery, to the support of the 120Hz mode.

Google's Pixel is 4-to undercut the iPhone, the SE is from the price with double the storage

If Google can manage to sell it this cheap, it’s the iPhone, the SE buyers something else to think about.

Snapdragon 865-phones are dominating Facebook in April of chart, the Mi 10 The Pro-to the top

We have to have a phone to pass through the 600,000 barrier.

Huawei, P30, Pro Edition is up for pre-order in Germany

The ship will, as from 1 June onwards.

Google's Pixel is 4-launch reportedly delayed till June

It was previously rumored to arrive on the 22nd of May.

Google's Pixel is 4 benchmarked, and have the battery tested

The Snapdragon 730, and 6 GB of RAM to perform well, and the 3,080 mAh battery is even better.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 of the screen is limited to 60 hz refresh rate, the only Note20+ is 120Hz

The info comes from Samsung itself, is said to be.


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