watchOS 7, season 11, tvOS 14 to be announced


The annual developer conference of Apple’s WWDC 2o20 taken and passed a series of new announcements. During the keynote, Tim Cook and the team started out with the “big boys”, including the new iOS, 14, and iPadOS 14, and this was followed by the new WatchOS 7, mac os 10.16, tvOS 14. The new season is by the name of Big Sur, by the good people at Apple, and it’s likely to be one of the greatest windows updates yet. This is because Apple has finally decided to release its future Macbook computers, with their own set of SOCs, called the Apple Silicon. Also Read – Apple’s WWDC 2020 kicks off today, here’s what to look for in the market

Apple’s WWDC 2020 updates


Airpods, Apple have been getting a few updated features, such as the function to automatically switch between the devices. With this new update, users will be able to seamlessly switch between their iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, are based on the current audio is needed. Also Read on – WWDC 2020 keynote address will begin at 10: 30 am IST: How to watch the livestream and what to expect

In addition, these Airpods pro has a new feature called Spatial audio. In essence, this is a feature to give surround sound using the same algorithms. The following is the movement of the head, as well as the iPad, and makes sure that the sound is accurate. It will have support for 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos technology. Also Read – Apple to announce its own Mac and set it on the WWDC by 2020

watchOS 7

Apple’s watchOS 7 WWDC 2020that is, it improves and adds new features, including watches, parts, Sleep detection, and many others. Users will now be able to customize it and add a watches with multiple functions for a single watch face. They are rich with complications, and some of the face of the watch can be adjusted to multiple positions. Watchfaces can be shared with friends and family. As Face Parts it would work, not only with friends, but if users come across an interesting view of the face of a website, which can be picked up as well. The watches can also be shared on various social media platforms.

Tickets are on watchOS, 7 the generation of new features including biking directions to the various towns and cities. The home screen app to add core training, dance, functional strength training, and cool-down. This app should be renamed to a Fitness facility, and a Summary.

But it is one of the most requested features that has been added is the sleep tracking. In this mode, it is equipped with a wind-down mode, which will help prepare you for bed. And as soon as you wake up the next morning, the user will be given an overview of your previous night’s sleep. The mode is a collection of soothing alarm sounds, or the taptic mode in order to wake up without the alarm of others.

In view of the current times, Apple has also added a hand-wash mode, in order to detect when the user is washing their hands. The watchOS, now, to detect if the user is the washing of the hands by detecting the sound of rushing water and the sound of the bubbles. It will then start a timer and count down for it to be an effective hand-washing. Siri also gets an update, watchOS 7, and will be translated into several languages.

tvOS 14

tvOS 14 is the latest version, which Apple teased at WWDC the year 2020. This new version brings exciting new features, including Control Center, with multiple users, and An Xbox, and a Playstation dual shock 4 gaming controllers that support it. The new version will see the ‘Home’ app will be added to the Apple TV. HomeKit integration, bringing features such as picture-in-picture, and on the look out for people who arrive on your house. Multiple users should be able to play games from the Apple-like puzzle game. Another new feature is by tvOS 14, the portions of the audio to the Apple TV. Apple also announced a new series called “the Foundation”), based on the works of Isaac Asimov, comes to Apple TV this time next year.

mac os 11, or mac-Big Sur

With the latest version of the mac 11, it was announced at the WWDC by 2020, and in the name of Big Sur. The inspiration this time around is Apple’s own iOS or android, as it has picked up quite a few of the features of it. This may include the Control Center as well as a see-through look will be based on the assigned priority. Apps such as Mail, Photos, Notes, and iWork apps have been streamlined with a new.

windows 11, Messages app has a new search tool that organizes results, links, photos, and find the right words. This is also true for the responses of the group chat, a new image-selection interface, as well as the Memoji record. Tickets for season 11 and has also redesigned and now features a custom, tour Guides, 360-degree, location, views, floor plans and other features.

And, to make things look “more consistent with the icons used in Apple’s ecosystem, with preservation of the Mac personality,” the Dock of the buttons have been redesigned to look more like iOS.

The Safari browser received a big update, and Apple is now claiming that it is 50 per cent faster than Google’s Chrome. Hovering over tabs to show a small preview of the page to get a better point of reference. There are also options to close all tabs to the right on the page. The start page on Safari and now on to the match, and with a built-in automatic translation feature. According to Apple, all web pages can now be translated into seven different languages.

Safari competitor Chrome is also on file extensions and with a special extension to the store. Privacy will also be given a shot in the arm for the Privacy of the Reports for each and every web page of the keep track of of the consumers. Speaking of the right to privacy, ‘Big Sur’ s app store, will be on display, certificates of how to use each app to keep track of. Apple is also upgrading the SwiftUI easier for developers to create apps.

These updates will be made available in the developer beta for the developers. And it will be rolling out a public beta in mid-July.


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