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I have always dealt with the TV’s in my house as just a dumb box. However, my views have evolved in a big way during this pandemic. A large part of that is the changing mindset in the Vu’s Premium 4K TVS. Let me tell you, this is not a review, and I don’t even have to add product pictures here to prove my point. In fact, it’s on Tv, in particular, and the Vu’s Premium 4K TVS in particular. Also, Read the Vu-screen cable Tv is available at speeds of up to 42% off at Flipkart: check out the deals and offers available

Back in March, the university sent me the 55-inch model for review. First of all, I was hoping that someone from the company to come and install it. It’s not a necessity, but it’s more of a protocol. However, for the moment, that is impossible. Over a period of a couple of weeks ago, I was waiting for it and then decided to take the TV out of the box. Of course, the TV was on the floor for a couple of days to find himself in a makeshift shower.

I’m still waiting for the new entertainment on the table, we ordered this 55-inch TELEVISION. It has a special shelf for the soundbar as well as a place to house an Xbox or a PlayStation. The company is behind the bar and said cable management an easy task and that is music to my ears. But during the course of this trial, I have come to realize that TELEVISION is the most important consumer products are now. In fact, I would argue that it is just as important as the smartphone in your hand.

The transition to the listening experience.

Just like any other Indian family, we have moved through several different TELEVISION models. One of my all-time favorite in the BPL, one with a door. Each and every time the door is opened, the characters come to life and it felt like magic. In a theater production, when the curtains at the start, this TELEVISION is offered for those with a sense of. However, it was the second one to the Crown, which is a low return at a time when TV was seen as a luxury.

So, we’ve moved from the Crown to the BPL to Onida CRT TV for the landing on a 40 ” Sony Bravia. During the trip, the TELEVISION continued to become less important, while it is also getting more and more expensive and more difficult for him to do. Then came the pandemic, and the 55-inch Vu with a Premium 4K TV. The nice thing here is that we have kept up with the TV right in front of our wall-mounted Sony TV. It is very easy to install, and the seats and the TV’s are on the table.

Vu’s Premium 4K TV is Easy to install and easy to use

I was expecting this to be a tutorial, but it turned out to be easy. As soon as the power is on, and there is a TV with a lot of the widgets that are easy to read, whether you are young or old. Now that we’re all here, I have observed how each and every one of us in the family to come together in front of the TV. There is no longer a fight for the remote control, or conflict on Hotstar, or Amazon Prime Video. It is usually a single person, the choice of the content and the rest will follow in line. The amount of time spent in front of the TV is also greatly increased. I can honestly say that we have our TV working for at least ten (10) hours each and every day.

Sometimes, the TELEVISION is ON and playing music, because we don’t want to have to play with on our speaker system, and even if it would result in a better sound. We always thought that the 40-inch, it was enough to raise a family, but right now I wouldn’t mind having the 65-inch version. It is clear now: the bigger, the better. The 55-inch Vu with a Premium 4K TV, you’ll get a SCREEN capable of playing back Ultra HD content. It also supports Dolby Vision for HDR, and it has a rated brightness of 400 nits. I’ve never had a problem with the brightness in our home, because we prefer a dimly lit environment, when you look at each other. However, I don’t get the feeling that, the black levels are deep, or accurate.

There were times when we found ourselves in the transition between the display of the device. If you have a level that works best for you, it can be a great option. We have recently been to see a Ford vs a Ferrari, and while the scenes stood out, the rest of the Ford GT in action is not always smooth. This may be due to the 60hz refresh rate of the screen, or is it a lack of optimization between the 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor powering the device.

Fire-TV-Out-Android TV In

For the record, we have switched from using a Fire TV Stick for Android TV, the operating system to enable this, the Vu’s Premium 4K TVS. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have an operating system designed for mobile phones that is for the first time on the big screen and, especially, the continuity between the phone and the big screen. We are using Google’s Assistant is a lot of, and also the Chromecast to stream the content. We are casting school content and receive it on your phone directly on the TV, because the child would prefer to sit in front of a larger screen rather than the smaller ones.

As I’ve said before, this is not a review, but an observation of how TELEVISION has evolved and our views. It’s not like the Vu as a Premium 4K TV, it is perfect, but instead, it was a great experience in front of a large audience at an affordable price. It starts at Rs 24,990, and its 55-55-inch model will cost you just Rs 31,999. I don’t want to have to tell you how much we paid for our 40 ” Sony Bravia (whispers more). However, this is not the cost or the investment ends in the real.

30 w loud speaker, while the Dolby Audio certification, it is not quite as good as that seen on the Vu in the Cinema and the TV. So, I believe it is to invest in a soundbar would be a good choice as well. I like the remote control, which will be a traditional remote control, it will appeal to older people more than the millennials. But it covers all the basics, including the dedicated buttons for streaming platforms, and the ability to move from the source to the switch. As a TV it must be true for the whole family to relax in and, for me, is the Vu’s Premium 4K TV, it is to do just that for the past couple of months. I couldn’t be any more.


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