Vodafone India brings to eSIM support for iPhone users


Vodafone India, announced that it will finally add support for the eSIM. The first wave of supported devices, only the iphone, but on Samsung devices to follow “soon”. The service will first be available in three Indian cities-Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat.

See the full list of supported devices:

Samsung will join the party later on, with the two folding devices, the samsung Z, Flip, Galaxy Fold, but Vodafone and Idea and stood still in real terms. One of the other popular mobile phone with eSIM in India, the Motorola Razr 2019 at the latest, but it can only be bought on the Reliance Jio network.

The switch to the eSIM is only available to subscribers of Vodafone. There are several steps that need to be met in order for the service to work well, but they are pretty simple, and it will send an SMS to 199, and get a QR-code.

Vodafone India brings to eSIM support for iPhone users

Upcoming for new users, the easier they are to appear in the Vodafone shop and the staff will have to assist with the acquisition of the QR image, and the setting up of the new iPhone. The carrier has promised, and that the eSIM is supposed to start in two hours, which allows the iPhone users to have more than one sim on the same device – a concept that is still foreign in the eyes of Apple, despite the fact that it is a daily occurrence in the world of Android.



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