Vodafone eSIM is now available for Apple iPhones in India


Vodafone India customers who want to switch to Apple’s iPhones and want to get rid of the physical SIM card that can finally do it. The wireless services provider has just begun and with the support of the eSIMs in the country. The first one is the availability of companies in e-sim will be limited to the Apple iphone. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are next on the list. Also Read – Apple’s iPhone assembler Pegatron is to set up a factory in India, check out the details

Please note that Vodafone’s customers will not be able to make use of the service, all at the same time. Vodafone, eSIMs will initially be available only in Mumbai, Delhi, and Gujarat telecom circles. Also, Read the Apple set up a web site for the release of the iPhone battery, pay

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Vodafone, eSIMs, iphone support

Some of the recent Apple iphone will support the SIM to the service of People. This includes the Apple iPhone, SE by 2020, and the Apple iPhone, the 11-series. This also applies to the iPhone, 11, 11, Pro, and iPhone, for 11, Pro and Max. The Apple iPhone, XR, XS, and XS is the Max that will be supported at this stage.

Where is the Vodafone and eSIMs to start to get rid of the Samsung devices, the flag folding, of the phones, it will be the first in line to get it. Here are the Samsung Galaxy and expand it, and with the Samsung Galaxy Z in a Flip. However, Vodafone India, has not revealed any timeline for it right now.

At least in the first instance, the changeover to Vodafone, eSIMs, and will only be available for post-paid customers. For interested customers, the e-SIM devices, you will need to go through a number of procedures in place to make the transition. This includes the sending of a TEXT message and a QR code. It’s even easier for new users to Vodafone for an eSIM. All they have to do is to request for an eSIM to a Vodafone shop and a certified person will help you with the rest of the process.

With the addition of the eSIM support for Vodafone users, the Apple iphone will be available for the first time, be able to make use of two SIM cards, one of them is physical. Even though it’s nothing to brag about in the Android world, Apple continues to turn a blind eye to the dual-SIM support.

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