Vodafone and Idea for offering contactless mobile services for the users


Vodafone and Idea have come up with a new way for people to get in touch-less mobile phone charging in the store. This, it said, will help in maintaining the social distance between the buyer and the seller. Typically, the visits of customers to a mobile shop for recharge. Following that, the retailer hands over the phone to a customer who has their mobile phone number. However, after COVID-19-it is unlikely that people are going to be more comfortable passing on the devices to each other. Also Read Vodafone, Idea customers can now be charged, Kirana and Medical stores

That is, Vodafone and Idea have developed a new app called Smart Connect a retailer’s app, which will ensure that the staff in the store will be able to make that charge, without having to give it to the customer to enter their mobile phone number. With the help of Google’s voice-enabled feature will allow the client’s specific needs in order to make the ten-digit mobile phone number in the device, and the software to run a voice command from a distance of about ten feet. Also Read – Airtel and Vodafone and Idea users will not be free of charge other benefits: Here’s why

The telco has mentioned, the voice-based feature that supports Hindi and English language for the time being. It can make an application for a mobile phone in a variety of different things. The telco will be rolling out support for additional languages in a gradual manner. Also Read Vodafone and Idea users will get 2GB of daily information, unlimited calling, as a gift from the company

In Vodafone Idea of the Smart Connect feature with a voice-based charging function, which is available to all Vodafone, Idea stores and multi-branded stores. The majority of these are currently available in orange and green zones in the whole country to start with.

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The telco has already come up with multiple bill payments and recharge options Vodafone and Idea’s 3G/4G subscribers. However, the 2G users of the phone have been greatly affected who is now has helped. For the telcos, they charge you via SMS messages and missed calls, as well as in their nearest Bank, ATM, during the lock-period.


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