vivo X50 Pro with the gimbal, both AS to arrive in international markets next month


At the beginning of this month, vivo unveiled its latest smartphone innovation-a gimbal optical stabilization system, that is, the physically X50 Pro as the main sensor of the camera, instead of the traditional OIS system.

The X50 Pro, which came in the limelight due to the vanilla in the X50, and the X50 exhaust temperature (though, confusingly, the one day of the gimbal, such as stabilization, in spite of its name implies, it is a step up in all areas compared to the Pro).

The announcement was made, in, China, for the Chinese market, but if you’re patient to wait for it to be heard on a worldwide release, but here’s some good news for you. poker players are going to get the X50 series in China next month.

That’s all we know so far – which, admittedly, is not much. But, expect that these handsets can be found, where physically it has been a public presence outside of its home country. Thus, in Asia, we’ll most likely see them and they are in, among other things, Malaysia, Singapore, south africa, Thailand, malaysia, Indonesia, and, of course, India. We will provide you with the pricing and availability details as soon as we get them.



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