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Yesterday, the Ministry of home Affairs has announced the extension of the Covid-19 in this moment, in India, until May 17. So far, the government has allowed e-commerce sites such as Amazon, to front only the essential products to its users. Now, customers will also be able to provide non-essential goods, such as laptops, phones, and other products. However, this is only possible if they are in the green and orange zones in India. Please note, however, that if you’re in the red zone, you won’t be able to get to any of the non-essential parts from Amazon, Flipkart or any other online shopping websites.

The e-commerce companies such as Amazon will reportedly be permitted to be supplied in the yellow and green areas, from the 4th of May. The latest relaxation of rules will come as a major relief to e-commerce players, Ian’s reports. The MHA order, mention all the activities that are allowed in green zones, with the exception of buses, metro and rail services, educational institutions, and other non-essential areas.

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In accordance with a the letter is sent the eu Health Secretary Preeti Sudan, of Andhra Pradesh and Bihar have each of the 5 districts, each of which is in the red-zone, Delhi is 11, and Maharashtra 14. In addition, Odisha 3 Tamil Nadu has a total of 12, Uttar Pradesh, 19, Jammu and Kashmir, india) 4, Jharkhand is the 1, of Karnataka, has 3, Kerala, india 2, West Bengal 10. If you would like to purchase non-essential items, you can check to see if your area is in the green and orange, or the red zone.

An Amazon spokesman said: “We are very pleased with the decision of the government to establish an e-commerce business in the yellow and Green Zones, people need to be kept safe with the products they need, and it would not have been able to gain access to the lock.” The spokesperson also added, “we will have to maintain the integrity of the new regulations and around the red zone, and we urge the government to consider the role of e-commerce and to help the customers with all the priority items they need to have it in the red zones as well, allowing for greater economic assistance for the small business, while prioritizing safety.”

Gopal Jain, a senior advocate, said that the Central government, it is the decision of a well thought-out as the basic necessities will be available at the people’s doorsteps. E-commerce companies are to be permitted to provide the non-critical components in the yellow and green zone areas, it will be a eureka moment for the students who are running out of supplies as well as books, which can stock up for the next two weeks,” Jain said.

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