TSMC to manufacture Apple’s Silicon-based processors for the Mac is Poor


Last month, Apple announced that it would migrate its Macs from Intel x86 processors to its own ARM-based chips. In addition, it was announced that TSMC will be responsible for the creation of a new custom chips for Apple and the ARM architecture, which will be used in the next MacBooks. It turns out that the information provided by the supplier, has finally been unveiled. Also Read – Android-and-iOS-devices-will-soon-receive 117 new emojis

The ARM-based Apple macintosh processors will be manufactured by TSMC

A new report from the Digitimes the states in the first half of 2021, Apple will be contracting to a very small portion of TSMC’s production capacity for its latest chips. Although the company has not confirmed that. It is clear that the supplier is TSMC. According to earlier rumours, and the popularity of the manufacturer, thanks to its high quality. Also Read – Apple iOS-13.6-update, you can use your phone to unlock and start your car with the help of NFC

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According to industry analysts, the first of the Mac equipment with the custom Apple Silicon, the chips are likely to be the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. After the chips are to be launched in these two models, and the rest of Apple’s products may also be subject to this change. It is also worth noting that Apple is using ASMedia’s peripheral controllers are the future for Computers. Also, Read the Apple set up a web site for the release of the iPhone battery, pay

These processors will be high-performance and energy-efficiency. It is expected that the MacBooks of the future, it will be a self is far superior to that existing today in the market. Apple promises that it’s the chipset that will be replaced by Intel-based processors, will have deep integration with the mac os, the Big Sur. All of the software is now available by default on the Mac is based on Apple’s own processors.

For now, it’s unknown if Apple will choose to present the 7-nm node for production. Or, if it is to opt for the 5-nm node. According to sources in the industry, and TSMC will likely be large orders for processors in the second half of 2021. The potential for Apple to get TSMC’s largest customer for the top brands, as well as AMD.


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