TRAI issues a ruling to end the 100 free TEXT messages per day


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued the ‘Telecommunication Tariff (65th Amendment) Order, by the year 2020″, to benefit crores of mobile users in the country at the moment. Under this design, users are now able to have more than 100 SMS messages to other users without any restrictions. Also Read TRAI says mobile number remains the 10-digit number, it has no plan for the 11 figures in the Report

TRAI’s new SMS plan

In addition, TRAI has also said that the abolition of the provision in which the telecom companies to charge 50 paise on every post after the 100 SMS limit in california. Following this decision, telecom companies will be able to have more than 100 SMS messages to consumers in a single day. Earlier, telecom operators used to provide 100 SMS per day to their customers. If the user is to end up in this limit, the beginning of the company to charge them 50 paise for each SMS. Also Read – Aarogya Dataset the app is required to fly in and board the train for the passengers

TRAI has also said that the 50 paise per SMS charge was settled in 2012 is to stop the spam posts, but now that there is more than enough technology to stop it, such as do-Not-Disturb (DND) service, and other services to be implemented in mobile phones. The system of charging 50 paise after the 100 SMS messages, and has now been removed. Significantly, the decision in this matter, the TRAINERS had to call a general meeting of the shareholders by way of video-conferencing for the very first time. Also read – iPhone-SE 2020: How the program will help the sensor to record a depth for portraits

EDUCATION is also a powerful incentive for companies to come up with new ways to put a ban on SMS spam. In the year 2017, when TRAI introduced TCCCPR, to prohibit the TECHNOLOGY. TRAI said that the new regulatory framework has been set out TCCCPR in 2018, based on a new technology, which is SMS-spam. These costs were applied as part of the TCCCPR Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations. However, it has now been withdrawn.

At the time, with a warning from the social distancing and quarantine, in which the use of mobile services has increased significantly. In this relief, the decision of TRAINERS to be a part of the TEXT of the provision is to help millions of customers connect to freedom. Furthermore, this may also result in an increase in the SMS communications for the mobile operators.


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