Toya Johnson Makes A Fans Day With A Video Of Her Baby Girl, Reign, To Hurry In To Work – Watch It Here!!!


Toya Johnson has shared a video on her social media account that has made the fans smile. In the video, Reigny, to work out a lot, as you can see for yourself below. Check out my post here:

“The promise I can’t make it, I literally walked in and saw this. Squats using the resistance Band…. we are out in the house.
#WeightNoMore,’ Toya captioned her post by the Government, the father, Robert Rush, also posted as well.

One fan said: “what motivates me, let me, in my ass now, Sis, count to ten, and one other man posted this message on the comments:” Too sweet, now you’ve got me worked up as to what to do.”

As you can imagine, Toya’s minions flood the comments section with love for this little girl.

One commentator has said: “bare feet on the treadmill lol that’s some professional sh*t lol and someone else said, Work it out, the Government😂omg She’s so cute.’

An Instagrammer posted: “She was like, I’m not the only one in the round! The resistance band onto her little legs are killing me 😩😩. Sweet! “and another man said,” Children are what they see, so kudos to you for showing her at a very young age, the condition, it is of interest to you.’

One of Toya’s followers, said, “the Government said that they have a summer body is ready lol and a fan, posted this:” Omg, she’s smart! her and my son are the same age, and if he can get to the shit.’

Other than that, Toya, recently shared a video on her social media account, in which she shows her fans how to wash their hair and style it. of the lord, and to Robert Rush, Reign in Rush’s hair.


Toya’s fans were curious to see how the styling of Reigny’s hair, and she was really happy to see that one. Robert Rush, also jumped into the comments to take credit for the beauty of his daughter.

Looking Back:


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