Toya Johnson, But Not Only Fiancé, Robert, Make Haste To Share The Intimate Details Of Their Romance In A Sweet Video


It’s not often that Toya Johnson, her fiancé, Robert, to Hurry, to appear in front of the camera, the truth of the matter is, as far as it would not have been possible for the business person on the TikTok.

However, this week, Toya is to find the right game, and Robert decided to play around with.

The parents of the baby’s Reign, it was nice to have a modern day version of the newlywed game, in which they were asked a series of questions to see if they can get to know each other.

Fans have discovered that the initiative for the first kiss, that was down to the food, and that it takes forever to get ready.

Toya recently hit the headlines by talking about a loving relationship with her daughter, Reginae Carter, and her father, a rapper, Lil Wayne.

She said Hollywood Life:: “The good part about it is that her father will always keep it real and let her know what was going on. We all try to instill the best qualities and teach our children good values. But, of course, as they get older, they tend to get their way, and we pray that they remain faithful to the benefits that we and the world within. And Reginae make us proud. She is an independent director. It is a strong one. She’s smart, she’s not a fool. They were young and in love, and she taught me, so that’s a blessing.”

Tiny Harris’ best friend added: ‘They have a song together on his latest album. And he has an idea for her to do another project with him. I think that’s her real passion is acting, though. I think they’re very good at it. It can do both of these things, but that’s more of a love for it, and it is something that they will like to have a little bit more.

Also, she says: “I think that this is a studio session, and the songs of her father, its just something that they can bond over that, because he doesn’t have to be at work in the studio, and he keeps up the production he does on the record. So, I think it’s just a father and daughter bonding time, and something that they will be able to get together and do it and have fun with. I don’t know what their plans are, even though, on the set of the music from all of them.”


Fans are eager to see Toya and Robert get married, and give the Rule for a brother or sister to play with in the near future. For the moment, it’s a viral video to do so.

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