Top 10 trending phones of the week-30


Exactly the same to 10 of the phones on our trending chart for two weeks in a long time, and this time, the leader board has changed beyond recognition.

The OnePlus Nord”, flying as high as third, even before it was official, it was always the favorite to get to the top of the chart in the announcement for the week, and it delivered.

In the meantime, we have a few big leaks, it got people talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note20, and sent it to the second place.

Another rumoured phone, complete with the Stage of the Realme of C15 to gather the attention of a lot bigger than the price tag suggests, but the combo of a big battery and a low-power hardware clearly appeals to a lot of people.

The Redmi Note, A 9 Pro last week and it was a champion, but is now in fourth place, while the Redmi Note, 9 and slipped to fifth.

In the last, we have the Samsung Galaxy A51, which is crowded with other big announcement of the week – Asus ROG-3. In fact, the tenth position is taken by the Strix versions of the new gaming beast, and the combination would be enough to secure second place.

The global Yes, Reno4 Pro is the third of the coming to make the top 10, and the capture of the eight-spot is only a few days before its official launch.

The actual name of the graphic is Redmi 9th, which coincidentally is in the ninth position.

It does not leave any room for the Poco, M2 Pro, Redmi Note, 8’s, and a trio of Samsung’s mid-ranger – S-A71, A21s, and M31.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G

Realme C15

Xiaomi Redmi Note, 9, Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note-9

Samsung Galaxy A51

Asus ROG 3 ZS661KS

Yes, Reno4 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Is 9

Asus ROG 3 Strix


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