Tom Savini Joins This Week is The Last Drive-In By Joe Bob Briggs


The first season of the The Last Drive-In By Joe Bob Briggs saw this on surprise special guests joining the host on a weekly basis, with a Shudder, to acknowledge that this week’s episode, with special effects icon Tom Savini to joining Briggs, to offer his own wisdom, and in understanding the dual function of the films will be streamed to the viewer. There have been a number of surprises in store for the fans, in spite of the knowledge that Savini will be appearing, as the movies that will be tested has yet to be revealed. Listen to the latest episode of the The Last Drive-In by Joe Bob Briggs on Friday, May 1, at 9 pm ET on Tremble.

As Per the press release, “also Known as ‘the Sultan of Splatter” for his ground-breaking FX work on the seminal ’70’s and ’80’s films as well as Dawn of the Dead, On Friday, the 13th, and Creepshow, Savini has also made a name for himself as a stuntman, actorFrom Dusk ’til Dawn), a director (including, for the 1990 version of the Night of the Living Dead the story of “the Silver Water of Lake Champlain” in the last year Creepshow in the series, and as a teacher. Savini with Briggs to discuss it with one of his outstanding iconic ’80s movies. Scaring the members who are interested in the Savini’s life and career, you can find out more information on the documentary Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Saviniis available to stream right now.”

Horror fans want to know is Briggs from his stints hosting Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater and MonterVisionby 2018, marking his triumphant return to hosting a 24-hour marathon on the Fright, and that it was supposed to be the personality of the sendoff. The event was so popular that, not only are Briggs is back for the holiday specials, as well as the development of this weekly series.

Following on from the success of the series ‘ debut season, it was renewed for a follow-up period, with Briggs as the host for a variety of special, one-night events for the Shudder after a few months of his weekly series, will be closed. In view of the current corona virus pandemic horror fans have been turning to social media to talk about the genre, and with this new season, it is the perfect thing to unite the fans around the world. The second season premiered last week, and it featured the wrestler Chris Jericho as the special guest.

Tune in to the new episode of the The Last Drive-In by Joe Bob Briggs on Friday, May 1, at 9 pm ET.

If you are looking forward to seeing Savini as a guest? Please let us know in the comments below, or get in touch with Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter in order to talk all-things Star Wars, and horror films!

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