To Track The Shares With A New Partner (S) Warning – Do Not Watch This Video


Diddy shared a new partner (s) aware of the social media. He wrote the following in a video on his IG account:

NEW PARTNERSHIP ALERT! You know, I’ve got to work with my brother @fatjoe aka ” JOprah and takes him to a REBELLION of the city. His interview style or the manner in which he will be able to connect to it and brings out the best in people is second to none. There Is no one better. Be a legend in the game. This is just the beginning! The Fat Joe Show Tuesdays at 10 PM EST on @REVOLTTV! #TFJS #JOprah,’ Diddy captioned his post.

One fan said: ‘thank you, God is great, @revolttv, let’s goooooo,” and then someone else posted this: “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are! #GRIND 💪🏻🔥’

Another man said, “Health is wealth my brother. shout out to my Afro-Latino music, family, and anyone else you know is this:” do you want to be with me, and I’m so lonely.”

One commentator said, ” Diddy, peace and love, I remind myself of the big points you have to pass, I think, is that he has a heart attack, fatjoe-keep it up and stay healthy.’

Another fan posted: “You need to be @amerikantherapy to @revolttv for a while…. and for the culture.”

Someone said, ” I love it!! He is a low ~ key of a this type of quarantine! As VERSUZ & the DJ dog! I love the perspective, & for him to interview the people we want to be part of it! He nails it every time & the next day his subjects, viral & trending on social media!’

One fan wrote: “I just said, @fatjoe, listening so intensely to him, and to watch the interview with @tyrese.’


In other news, Diddy shared a photo on his social media account, has managed to shock the number of followers and fans around the world. This is because, in the pic, people can see a back tattoo is that some of them didn’t know Diddy had to give.

Looking Back:


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