Tiny Harris And T. I., To Celebrate The Birthday Of Their Son, Major Harris, With A Sweet, Emotional Messages,


Tiny Harris and T. I., to celebrate the birthday of their son, Major Harris. Both of the proud parents posted some of the sweet and loving messages on their social media account, in order to mark the occasion of this important event.

Check out the posts that are Important, parents to share with their IG accounts.

Happy birthday to my lil man, mama’s baby boy @majorpharris one child, I struggle daily with trying to find the things that excite you or even impress you. You are truly the definition of a war. You will always be my lil genius of my professor. I am so proud to be your mom! I love you more than life!!!! Very important for the President, 20/20, ” Small subtitle of her post.

One person said, “everybody’s Great love, and I’m ready to write his name in for president-20/20 Key, my voice, and another man, and said:” He is very happy solar return, the young King!”

Another fan said, ” Happy birthday Key, I beg of you that you have a great day!!!!!’

Tip also shared a message for his son: “Happy Birthday to my little BIG dog, Big P. Harris. I am so proud of you & the young man you have become. I love you more today than the day you were born. When you’re talking to, you surprise us with your vision. I can’t wait to see some of the other forms of greatness life has in store for you. Now, let’s live it up & pipe for your special day!!!!!! The Love Is Jumpingđź‘‘’

One fan said: “Happy Birthday Big!! I have Always had a real soft spot for your little genius yourself!!!!!! Make the most of your day!!!!’ and someone said, ” he is a Bull and makes so much sense. He seems to be so caring and full of love. “Happy birthday”, is a Significant one.’

Another man said: “Happy Birthday Big!!! I love the way he thinks and reacts. Smart brain, he would have it all well: “Happy birthday Big you have a God-given gift, it is my prayer that your life continues to be blessed.’


Happy birthday, Major!

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