TikTok, India ban, you can make a ByteDance to lose crores


ByteDance, the parent company of the TikTok would be able to lose about Rs 45,000 crore due to the ban imposed by India at the time. This was stated by China’s state-run media The Global Times this week. The report says, and the ban of platforms such as the He and the TikTok is serious and could get on with the business for the ByteDance. Also Read – TikTok-Indian-alternative-Chingari-the web site of the company is (allegedly) compromised

As per industry reports, the TikTok has India as its largest market outside of China. The Indian government has decided to ban, 59 apps this week, including the TikTok. The publication says it will, this will be a huge blow to the Chinese traders and investors in the market. “As far as the government and the people that have done it will be a serious blow to the confidence of the Chinese investors and traders. India’s economy will remain subdued for an extended period of time under the devastating impact of the corona virus outbreak.” Also Read – TikTok removed from the google Play Store, the App Store in India following the ban

We’re not quite sure how it managed to get a quote for you to lose ByteDance in the Rs 45,000 crore figure. The company has grown, the platform has been a hit in other parts of the country. It is also a source of livelihood for many who are searching for newer pastures to earn a living. Also Read – TikTok-age ByteDance to be close to Vigo Video, in India, through October 31,

TikTok is banned in India

The president of the 59 is of Chinese origin, the apps in question are speculated to be connected to the de-escalation of border tensions between India and neighboring China. The tensions have escalated since a deadly clash that took place on the border, in the Galwan Valley and Ladakh in the month of June. The applications have been banned by the Indian government few days after that.

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The apps have been removed from the google Play Store and the Apple app Store. In addition to this, the Internet Service Providers (Isps) have been ordered to block access, and the data for this type of application. Other popular games include UC Browser, WeChat, Shein, WeChat, Shareit, Camera, Scanner, and Mobile Icons. The reports also said that the apps were in violation of the terms and conditions of use, the privacy of our users and can be used as spyware or malware.


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