TikTok chief says China will never be asked for the data of the Indian users


TikTok, was not available for the Indian mobile users couple of days back. The ByteDance-owned company accused of sharing information with the Indian users in China. But the TikTok is reported to have tried to distance themselves from the Chinese brand, and position in a global company. It has also been said that even if China’s demands for information, they would never be out of your hands. Also Read – TikTok-Indian-alternative – ‘Chingari’ crosses 10 million downloads in the Google Play store is available in 22-days

In a letter to the government of india, and Kevin Mayer, Chief Executive Officer, TikTok, also shows that China will never be asked to provide the data for the user. He also pointed out that the data of Indian users will be stored on servers located in Singapore. “I can confirm that the Chinese government has never made a request to the us for the TikTok data of the Indian users. “If we were ever to make such a request, will, in the future, we would do well not to,” She added. Also Read – TikTok India, a ban might make ByteDance to lose crores

And it looks like TikTok is raising a strong voice to point out the efforts being made for the development of organic in India. The company has said about the men of the people of the land, and the localization of the platform in order to cater to a wide range of consumers. “The privacy of our users and on the security or sovereignty of India, it is of the utmost importance to us,” She wrote. “We have already announced plans to build a data center in India.” Also Read – TikTok-Indian-alternative-Chingari-the web site of the company is (allegedly) compromised

TikTok 58 the Chinese apps are banned in India

The Indian government has banned around 59 apps coming out of China. The list of 59 apps are quite popular. And TikTok, it is one of the biggest names on the list. Other popular games include UC Browser, WeChat, Shein, WeChat, Shareit, Camera, Scanner, and Mobile Icons. Intelligence sources quoted in several reports said that the apps were in violation of the terms and conditions of use, and the privacy of the users of a pc.

Since then, we have seen that the question of India on the basis of the social media apps to grow exponentially. You will notice as Chingari, Roposo, who claim to be of that TikTok-the alternative.


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