This Reddit user has captured in a healthy time, PUBG, PC


PUBG it is a cruel game, and, in principle, in the name of the game. It’s a battle royale, where the rules of the jungle applied. It’s survival of the fittest, and that is how the players behave in the game when they come across opposition. However, it seems as though there’s some grace period to do this as well, but in some rare cases. One of the moments that were captured by the Reddit the user EightInchesAround in the video. Also Read PUBG PC with a free weekend on Steam on the 4th of June

The video shows the user and his / her partner that he is called a Pickle, roll over to an enemy squad, they were fighting on the screen. What is clear is that the two teams to begin speaking with each other, and it turns into a kind of banter. The top two teams from each other and after a nice chat, and they happen to meet up again in a different game altogether. This time around, the two teams will be the last one to survive. And they decided to slug it out with a punch. Our hosts, losing the match, but they were still happy in defeat. Also Read – WATCH: PUBG, player flying in the air, like a blew up a car next to him

In a recent video that shows how to view the properties of a vehicle is to be transferred to one of the players in the game. The video was shared on Reddit by user Isiloki, and is entitled, “PUBG vehicle physic, but it used to be a player. We didn’t know how he died, so we went and checked out a couple…we had such a great sense of humor.” It lets you see what the team does with a player down, and out of their vehicle against a tree. The other three players to get off the train, and going to be the enemy. Please also LOOK at The surprises, the Chinese PUBG players to speak Mandarin chinese

A new PUBG update 7.2 has been recently gone live on the test server. This update is the first to arrive after the Vikendi map of re-writing hit with the update to 7.1. This is a massive update with lots of changes, and the primary ones are the Ranked Mode, and the addition of bots in the game, and the weapon and armor balance.

With this new update, the bots have been on the PC version of the PUBG as well. The PC version of the game, which is not provided with a bot opponent. The players want the developers to add a ranked mode in the game, which is what eventually happened with this update.


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