‘Thimbleweed Park’ Creator, Ron Gilbert, Is Free Of Spin-Off Chapter


Those of you who have enjoyed it Maniac Mansion the creator, Ron Gilbert’s return to the adventure game genre in the The X-Files fake Thimbleweed Park a new book in their hands, along with a bonus. Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Is A Mini-Adventure focuses on the Delores, is a character from the original game, and takes place a year after the first one. Best of all, the it is free of charge.

Originally, it started out as a prototype for Ron Gilbert’s new point-and-click adventure-game engine Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Is A Mini-Adventure eventually, it became a fun little game of its own. It’s not a sequel to the Thimbleweed Parkand, if a Steam listing states “it is likely to be missing all the little bells and whistles that would make a commercially viable game.”

The story of the game, and adventure game developer, Delores, Edmund, to have a break from her job at the MMucasFlem Games, to go back to Thimbleweed Park for a quick break. While she’s at home, she is making a little extra money to make a living as a photographer for the Thimbleweed Nickel on the News. The weird and funny things happen.

You can also find the game, as well as the Thimbleweed Park, on the Epic Games Store.


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