The WWE Fans will Respond to any Retaliation is to Destroy the SmackDown Set


WWE SmackDown on Friday night ended in a strange way, as the next faction is pushed out by the company came in and destroyed the blue brand’s set. In retaliation, the WWE has asked of them, and made their first appearance on Monday night during Raw. The group has been demonstrated by a number of security images, and demolish a power generator out of the WWE Performance Center. This may also be the explanation for the cause of the electrical problems in the three-hour broadcast.

On Friday night, we saw that the group will have a different look and feel, but in a far more prominent way. There were blips to be on the show, but in the last scene of the show, the lights went off during a backstage segment between the Ways, Rose, and Sonya Deville. Then, back to the main staging area of the Performance Center of the five masked persons entered the ring and started down a path of destruction.

Recompense is due to the destruction of the ring, the use of spray paint on the property, around the ring, including the acrylic barriers, and to attack some of the NXT “fans” in the first grade. They even used a chain saw on the ring itself (we’re not quite sure where that came from).

The Fans seem to be split on social media over what was seen and how WWE has gone about it is the portrayal of this corner, but the bulk of the response, but what we saw was the negative. In the corner, it is to be pushed and inspired by the unrest happening in the United States of america right now, and it is this principle that has seemed to rub many people the wrong way.

Check out a few of the responses we saw on social media.

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