The upcoming Horror Novel, ‘the Secret Santa’ will Take You Back to the Horror Publishing Boom of the 80’s


Ah, the 1980’s. In the decade that saw the release of the Silent Night, Deadly Nightfor a Christmas horror film, which is produced and the parental outrage that the idea of a killer dressed as santa Claus. The New York Times a best-seller Andrew Shaffer takes me back to the 80’s for his next novel Secret Santabut it’s not a killer in a santa Claus costume, is that it brings the horror of this period of time.

Billed as a “horror for the holidays, a novel,” Secret Santa it is said to be the mix Office space and The Shining‘is decorated with holiday tinsel, and while the horror publishing boom of the ’80s.”

In Secret Santa

After a half-decade, and the editing of some of the biggest names in horror, Lussi Meyer joins a prestigious Blackwood-are a number of attractions, it is a chapter of the new horror imprint. Most of her colleagues seem to be less than pleased. Since the speed of Xavier Blackwood is dead, and his party-boy son took over, things have been changing around the office.

When Lussi receives a ” creepy gnome doll as a part of the annual holiday gift exchange, it checks to see what they have long suspected: most of her colleagues think that they have a sense of humor. No one takes her seriously, even if it is the one with whom the books and keep the company afloat.

What’s going to happen after the doll’s arrival, it is not a joke. There is no explanation, Lussi, the employees begin to drop like flies. Have a heart-attack here, and food poisoning is there. One of its authors, and its friends, and its beautiful, but don’t underestimate Fabien, Wonderful, you will see the tell-tale signs of super powers in the game, which is a result of the gnome is sitting quietly at the Lussi in the profession. The only question is. . . does Lussi want to stop taking it to work its magic?

Quirk Books will release the 240-page novel November 10,. The Cover art is not available yet.


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